Give Your Cuban Sandwich A Twist And Swap The Swiss Cheese

An authentic Cuban sandwich has a balance of flavors derived from a set of ingredients that include sliced ham and pickles. Those core ingredients were first piled onto a Cubano (another term for the sandwich) in the late 1800s after the country's liberation. These days, there are many ways to customize the sandwich, like a spoonful of mayonnaise to provide tang. The cheese, which is typically Swiss, is another easy way to put your twist on the sandwich with your favorite type or the variety that's already in your fridge.

In Tasting Table's all-out Cuban sandwich created by recipe developer Leah Maroney, she suggests replacing the Swiss with provolone cheese. Both cheeses are popular to put on sandwiches, which is just partly why the swap works so well. Provolone has a buttery taste and can be mild depending on how long its agedso go with Maroney's suggestion if you want a milder cheese to temper the zesty pickles and tangy mustard. Provolone also has more moisture content compared to Swiss so the cheese swap can offer the ultimate cheese pull on your next Cuban.

Other cheese options for a twist on the Cuban sandwich

Some types of cheese melt much better than others due to moisture content so choose a variety with lots of moisture to achieve a Cuban with a gooey pull. Our first recommendation is cheddar because it both melts well and provides buttery and sharp flavors depending on its age. Mozzarella is another delicious option because it melts quickly and works on just about any type of sandwich. To add an essence of spice, use pepper Jack, which contains peppers like jalapeños. Some recipes for a Cuban sandwich use Havarti, and you can opt for smoked Gouda for added depth. A final choice is Gruyere, a type of Swiss that offers nutty notes.

After you pick your type of cheese to add to a Cuban sandwich, it's time to assemble according to the recipe. This sandwich is usually served warm, which is when the coveted cheese can finally melt. To achieve a warm sandwich and gooey cheese, place it in a panini press or in a heated skillet and press it down with a heavy lid or pan. Cook the sandwich for about three minutes on each side, slice it in half, and prepare to be impressed with the cheese pull and every flavorful bite.