Jean Harlow's Favorite Cocktail Was A Mix Of Rum And Vermouth

Jean Harlow, the platinum blonde bombshell who set the silver screen ablaze in the 1930s, wasn't just a Hollywood icon — she was also a trendsetter with a taste for delectable drinks. Her signature cocktail? A simple yet sophisticated mix of just two key ingredients that bears her name: the Jean Harlow. 

Unlike other elaborate concoctions, the Jean Harlow is a delightful minimalist exercise, combining only rum and vermouth. The result is a luxuriously smooth and flavorful drink that's perfect for those who enjoy a touch of something sweet in their cocktails. 

Its simplicity and sophistication, just like the legendary actress herself, are sure to leave you wanting more. With just a few high-quality ingredients and a touch of artful preparation, you can recreate a drink that embodies a Hollywood legend's timeless charm and refined taste. Whether enjoyed as a nod to classic cinema or a delicious libation, this cocktail invites you to savor the elegance of a bygone era with every sip.

Constructing the Jean Harlow cocktail

To recreate this sleek and sophisticated beverage, you'll need ice, rum, and vermouth. We recommend choosing a quality light or golden rum, which can offer a subtle sweetness. Next, you'll need vermouth for a harmonious blend of herbal and spiced notes that enhance the overall flavor profile.

Begin by chilling your cocktail glass. Next, in a mixing glass filled with ice, measure out the desired amounts of rum and vermouth. A classic ratio is equal parts rum to vermouth, but you can adjust the recipe according to your taste preferences. Stir the mixture gently but thoroughly with a bar spoon. Once properly stirred, strain the cocktail into your chilled glass — we suggest a coupe. To garnish, perhaps a dash of orange bitters and a twist of citrus peel or maraschino cherry to enhance the visual appeal while adding a hint of additional flavor.

The Jean Harlow is a beautiful choice for an after-dinner drink or a sophisticated social gathering. The drink embodies a certain old Hollywood glamour, a fitting tribute to the legendary actress. Perhaps plan on serving it at your next elevated dinner party, along with a Gimlet, French 75, or a Sidecar, as these cocktails evoke the charm and elegance of old Hollywood, making them perfect for an enchanting evening.