The Expert-Approved Budget Tip For Choosing Sparkling Wine For Cocktails

Cocktails like the Aperol Spritz, French 75, and even the Mimosa that you gulp at bottomless brunch all rely on sparkling wine for both the carbonation element and additional booziness. You might consider this fizzy inclusion an afterthought since the cocktails contain other ingredients, but there are some factors to consider when you want to buy a budget-friendly bottle and make your own versions at home. To help you buy the best sparkling wine on a budget, Tasting Table reached out to Cody Goldstein, an award-winning mixologist, author, and founder of the Brooklyn-based hospitality group Muddling Memories, which also produces its own line of cocktail syrups.

"I have found plenty of great wines for under $10 and over $100 and it all really comes down to your preference and purpose for opening the bottle," Goldstein says. For a sparkling wine to use in a cocktail specifically, you can start at the lower end of the price scale. "A good starting point is to try to stay under $10 wholesale cost," he explains. You might think that any bottle priced over $10 is steep when the sparkling wine is just one ingredient that goes into a cocktail, but remember that a bottle will last longer because of those additional liquors and mixers that also go into the drink.

Other factors to consider when making budget-friendly sparkling wine cocktails

The price and quality of the sparkling wine are only two factors to consider. For the drinks Cody Goldstein serves, he also takes into account the price points and caliber of the other ingredients going into the cocktail. While you might not run your own bar, it's still important to factor in the price of the other liquors, garnishes, and mixers that will go into your homemade cocktail so you stay on budget. Goldstein also considers the source of his ingredients. "I look for ingredients that are high quality from producers who have a great story to tell," he explains.

Even with these expert tips from Goldstein for buying sparkling wine on a budget, there are still quite a few options to choose from. If you aren't familiar with the many different types of sparkling wine, Prosecco is one type that is used in many different cocktails. A sip of drinks like Aperol Spritzes, Bellinis, and lemon-sorbet-filled Sgroppinos all rely on the bubbly wine. Some popular brands of affordably-priced sparkling wines that are still highly rated are Cupcake and Cook's. And if you want a more specific recommendation on what type to buy for your cocktails, check out Tasting Table's ranking of the 10 best springtime sparkling wines, according to a sommelier.