How Long Does Coffee Creamer Actually Last After Opening?

Some people take their coffee creamer very seriously. Finding the perfect coffee creamer brand and flavor is crucial for crafting the perfect cup. For those who love it, coffee creamer is essential to their morning routines. Later in the day coffee creamer can be the key to better-tasting milkshakes. But nothing can ruin your day quicker than discovering your creamer has developed an off-putting odor seemingly overnight. While coffee creamer does last a fair amount of time when properly stored in the fridge, it's not invincible and will eventually go bad. But how long do you have with your coffee creamer before you should toss it? For starters, it's important to note that the expiration date labeled on your creamer refers to when it expires when unopened. This is when you should open and use your creamer.

However, once you open your creamer the shelf life changes immediately. Coffee creamer lasts up to two weeks in the fridge once opened. You should aim to finish it within this time frame. This goes for dairy and non-dairy creamers. Both styles have qualities that start to break down after some time. As for powdered creamers, you should abide by the expiration date on the packaging as there is no clear physical indication for if this product has spoiled.

Assessing your coffee creamer

After the one-week mark, you should start assessing your creamer for any potential signs of spoilage as a precaution. Signs of spoilage include a sour taste, foul odor, and chunky texture. Of course, if you see any indications of mold, you should toss it immediately. You can pour a little out into a spoon before using the product to assess for quality. The spoilage process can be expedited if you leave your coffee creamer on the counter. If your creamer sits for more than two hours, toss it. Room temperature is the prime temperature for developing harmful bacteria that can make you sick.

It's not recommended to drink opened coffee creamer after two weeks as the product can begin to spoil and break down without any obvious signs. To best preserve the life of your creamer, you should always reseal it and return it to the fridge immediately after using it. It's also recommended to store your coffee creamer in the center or back of your fridge instead of the shelves on the door. Your fridge is going to be colder in these back-center areas and be able to maintain the quality longer.