Coffee Creamer Is The Key To Better-Tasting Milkshakes

Indulgence in its purest form laced with a tint of nostalgia, an old fashioned milkshake is a classic beverage that will always have a place in our hearts. Although commonly associated with American diners, you can easily make it at home with simple ingredients like ice cream, milk, and a few optional flavorings. Coffee creamer, as it turns out, is one of them. While not too common of a choice, it's the unexpected secret ingredient that could take your milkshake to the next level.

Pleasantly sweet and smooth, creamers are generally used to sweeten coffee, tea, and other strongly flavored drinks. Milkshakes, of course, are already abundant with sweetness, but that doesn't mean they can't use a little nudge. Coffee creamer works as a flavor boost, elevating the drink with its own kind of sweetness. Building right into that richness are flavor nuances that go beyond the usual taste, giving the familiar drink an element of excitement. Beyond that, coffee creamer helps to enhance the drink's texture. With a few spoonfuls in the mix, your milkshake will turn out deliciously thick yet still smooth and creamy; a match made in heaven.

So many flavor combinations to try

Milkshakes are already sweet, so moderation is key when adding coffee creamer. For a four-person serving, around ¾ or ½ a cup should be enough. With creamer in the mix, you may need to forego the milk or just go light-handed to reduce the fatty taste. Although liquid creamer is the preferred option for a thick, rich texture, the powdered variety works in a pinch as well. It will usually require around 8-12 tablespoons for four servings.

Moving on to the coffee creamer brands and varieties, you've got quite a few choices. They come in a diverse range of flavors, such as vanilla, nuts, caramel, coconuts, cinnamon, chai, and more. These are more subtle than regular flavorings, which is perfect for those just looking for a subtle twist rather than complete flavor changes. You can switch between the flavors if you ever get bored and explore the endless versatility of milkshakes.

The fun only starts there, because you can pair different ice cream flavors with all of these coffee creamers. If you use a caramel coffee creamer, throw in coffee ice cream and whipped cream to make a divine frappuccino milkshake. Regular vanilla ice cream can be paired with fruit-flavored cream for a playful, smoothie-like taste. Anything from strawberry, banana, peach, etc. will work splendidly. Chocolate ice cream, as always, works well with almost any coffee creamer. Let your imagination fly. For more ideas, check out our rundown of creative uses for coffee creamer.