Green Tea Powder Infuses Robust Herby Flavor Into Your Homemade Pasta

Green matcha powder isn't just for drinks. Your next batch of homemade pasta — whether it be delicate angel hair noodles or square ravioli pieces — is in for a tasty upgrade. Not only can adding a pinch of colorful tea powder to your bowls of raw pasta dough add a fun hue to tonight's dinner plates, but the extra ingredient can also help build depth of flavor with little effort. The green appearance of the pasta is sure to perk up a summer menu or can be used appropriately to celebrate holidays and special events, and the added ingredient won't overwhelm the overall taste of your dish.

When introducing the colorful powder to your pasta dough, start with two or three tablespoons of the tea powder and blend in a food processor with two cups of flour and two or three eggs. Salt to taste. Should you require a greater or lesser amount of homemade pasta, adjust the proportions of ingredients accordingly. Depending on the type of pasta you may want a brighter-hued finish, so you can add more matcha powder to land at the intensity of color you have in mind. 

Your stomach won't be green with envy

Though the taste of the added green tea powder will be slight, you can turn up the flavor of your homemade pasta recipes with added herbs and seasonings. Use the subtle earthy flavor of the tea to your advantage. Pair your matcha pasta with zucchini or spinach, season plates with freshly ground black pepper, or dress dishes simply with a fresh squeeze of lemon, olive oil, and shavings of parmesan cheese. 

You won't need much to make these tea-enhanced plates of pasta sing. Your next servings of spinach and balsamic cream pasta will look as good on the Gram as they taste, and pasta with burrata and charred tomatoes will take on a more festive, fresh aesthetic. Regardless of the pasta recipe you decide to make, with heaps of green pasta ready, you can douse your plates in pesto sauce or fold the noodles into a quick tomato sauce to serve and enjoy with a smile.