Your Breakfast Bagel Isn't Complete Until You Add An Egg In The Hole

Nothing gets the day started quite like a bagel, especially if you're making it a true breakfast sandwich. Whether you fill up an everything bagel with avocado or opt for a plain one with smoked salmon and cream cheese, chances are that an egg will make its way on there. No bagel sandwich is complete without it — and it's even better when the egg fits perfectly into the bagel hole.

When buttering up a bagel and laying down the ingredients, you work around the middle. With an egg however, it's impossible for it to not cover the bagel hole, so you might as well embrace it. Cracking an egg in the hole leaves more room for other ingredients on the bagel and gives the center of the bagel a rich, tasty touch. The yolk and whites spill over onto the bagel, too, so you'll get the eggy flavor in each bite.

For a quick breakfast, cut a store-bought bagel in half and widen the hole in the middle if you need to — 2 inches is a good width. Place one bagel half face down onto a hot, greased skillet and crack an egg in the center. Let it cook for a few minutes, then repeat with the other half. If you prefer to bake them, place the halves on a greased, parchment paper-lined baking sheet and crack an egg in each one. Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for eight minutes for a runny egg, and about 10 for a solid one.

Spruce up your egg-in-the-hole bagels with these ingredients

A little salt and pepper goes a long way with flavoring a plain egg-in-the-hole bagel, but if you have a little more time, you can create delicious recipes with practically any type of bagel. Before putting the bagel in the skillet, add a little salsa or pesto to the pan and heat it before placing the top half onto the sauce. When you crack the egg in the center, season it with garlic powder and minced cilantro.

You can also flavor the eggs by whisking ingredients into them before pouring them into the bagel hole. Switch up this loaded lox bagel recipe by adding some of the dill and capers right into the eggs, giving the protein a briny, herbaceous bite. For a meaty surprise in the center, par-cook mushrooms or bacon and finely chop them before placing them on top of the cracked egg. Then finish off the bagel with a sprinkle of mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes and cheese go especially well on baked egg-in-the-hole bagels. If you want the ingredients to "set" into the bagel and egg, sprinkle on a generous amount of cheese before placing chopped cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, bacon slices, or pieces of smoked salmon on top.