Grab One Of Elvis' Favorite Breakfast Items During Your Next Trip To Disney World

Tonga Toast made its first appearance in 1971 at Disney World's Polynesian Village Resort. The drool-worthy dish allegedly captured the heart of The King himself when Elvis Presley tasted the sweet, fried bites of thick sourdough bread. To enjoy an order of Tonga Toast at the Polynesian Village Resort, visitors who aren't celebrities must make their way to either the reservations-only Kona Cafe or the counter-based service Captain Cook's. Some guests have pointed to the Tonga Toast menu item at the Rainforest Cafe, but there has been discussion about whether this item qualifies as true Tonga Toast since the order is neither characteristically deep-fried nor packed with mashed-up bananas.

To make Tonga Toast, sourdough bread is jammed with a sweetened mash made of bananas, cinnamon, and sugar. Once assembled, the stuffed sourdough is coated with an egg wash and then fried to golden, delicious perfection. For the finishing touch, the deep-fried item is again coated with extra sprinkles of cinnamon and sugar, topped off with drizzles of maple syrup, and served with a strawberry compote. Tonga Toast is by no means a supporting star at the breakfast table; this dish is one fit for a king. 

Eat like The King from home

Instead of having to visit any of these restaurants when cravings for the toast hit, Elvis Presley told his chef to figure out exactly how to make the dish. While we may not have our own personal chefs to send to Disney World to take cooking lessons, the resort has offered a modified version of the recipe to try at home. You'll need a deep fryer or a large pot to fry up your creations, and you'll need to make sure that you cut the bread in such a way that it is not ripped through so that you can stuff ripe bananas into the slices

Whether you use an air fryer or vats of bubbling oil, your stuffed pieces of bread should be golden brown before you plop them into a shallow dish of cinnamon sugar to coat one last time. Once you've mastered the basic recipe, you may want to add your own tweaks to Tonga Toast, like a splash of booze, vanilla extract, or powdered cardamon to build a breakfast dish that can make you burst into song and dance.