Rice Whiskey Treats Are The Boozy Upgrade To Our Favorite Childhood Snack

You've jazzed up Rice Krispies for the office party, but now it's time to give your favorite chewy recipes a boozier upgrade. Adding a splash (or more) of whiskey to your mixtures of rice cereal, homemade marshmallows, and spices can be the satisfying indulgence you need for an afternoon treat. Once you've entered the world of alcohol-enhanced snacks, you can go wild building recipes that hit all the right tasting notes. 

With drizzles of dark chocolate, inclusions of ground walnuts, sprinklings of flaky sea salt, dustings of cinnamon, and pinches of powdered sugar, these crispy treats have no limits when it comes to delivering on texture and taste. As with any new culinary project, start by adding the alcohol conservatively and sample your recipes to nail the intended flavors that you're aiming for. Whether you are craving a boozier treat or a subtly flavored snack, you can experiment with the amount of whiskey you pour into your gooey, crispy rice mixtures. 

This treat isn't meant for kids

As you go about making your boozy Rice Krispy treats, you may need to adjust your standard go-to recipe to account for the added moisture. Look to enhance the flavors of your treats with complementary spices. An extra drop of vanilla extract can turn up the volume of the vanilla-tasting notes of your favorite whiskey labels, while a sprinkle of cardamon can play well with smokier blends.

Once you've put your whiskey-infused recipe together, consider yourself warned: These treats will be difficult to put down once you start eating. We advise that you may want to separate portions and mark each container "adults only" so the youngest nibblers in your home aren't tempted to tuck into your precious boozy bites. As with standard alcohol-free Rice Krispy recipes, these sweet snacks can go stale quickly, so store your culinary creations in airtight containers so you can enjoy the crunchy, gooey bars the next time afternoon rumblings of hunger get loud.