How Much Should You Expect To Pay For A Good Bottle Of Gin? An Expert Weighs In

Are you a gin drinker who doesn't already have a go-to brand of the booze? If so, it's understandable, considering how many types of gin are available these days with varying qualities at a wide range of price points. You want to have a good bottle on hand to either make some of the best gin cocktails or sip neat to enjoy its botanicals — and, of course, you also want the drinks to taste good without causing hangovers. Before you head to your local liquor store, Jess Stewart, the bar director of Trust Restaurant Group – which operates restaurants including Rare Society and Cardellino – shared her gin-buying expertise with Tasting Table.

You can expect to pay as little as $25 and up to $75 on the expensive end for a bottle of gin, Stewart shares. Of course, this all depends on what size bottle you grab, where in the country you reside, and whether you're shopping at a discount warehouse or a swanky liquor store. To make sure you really like the gin before committing to an entire bottle, we suggest asking your local shop when their next gin tasting is scheduled for, or ordering a gin and tonic with the specific brands you're curious about at your local watering hole first.

High and low gin options

If you want to splurge, "a good pricey option is Monkey 47," Jess Stewart says. The German brand offers a few varieties of dry gin made from 47 different Black Forest botanicals, including lingonberries, spruce, and acacia flowers. But it is a bit expensive depending on where you buy it. For example, a 750-milliliter bottle is sold for around $63 in New Jersey. For a more cost-effective option, Stewart says to check out Las Californias because it can be as low as $30 per bottle or less. 

In addition to Stewart's recommendations, other popular gin brands that are typically affordably priced include Gordon's, New Amsterdam, and Dover Strait Gin. Popular mid-priced gins include Bombay Sapphire, which is around $39, or Hendrick's, which is around $36, both for 750-milliliter bottles priced in New Jersey. After you score your bottle of gin, it's time to make a drink! 

If you find yourself bored with a regular gin and tonic, check out our bold gin and tonic recipe that goes straight to the source and adds fresh juniper berries, which are responsible for gin's main botanical flavor. Or, if you like more complex cocktails, consider our cucumber gin gimlet with fresh lime juice or this rosé cocktail with gin and Campari that's similar to a boozy Sangria for your next cocktail party.