The Unique Salmon Pairing That'll Bring An Asian Flair To Your Dish

Salmon has an infallible ability to fit right into all kinds of settings. From fine dining restaurants and fancy celebrations to cozy homemade dinners, this fish can make just about any meal better. The best part is you can never run out of creative avenues to either have fun with or tailor to fit your personal taste. Lovers of Asian cuisine may find peanut butter to be a stellar companion for this versatile fish.

The idea of peanut butter in savory food may sound odd at first, but it's actually quite common in Thai and Indonesian food. The two most notable examples are Thai peanut sauce and satay sauce, both of which rely heavily on crushed peanuts and peanut butter. At the core of these sauces is the nutty richness that this condiment is widely loved for, met with a unique spicy, umami twist. It works like a dream with the salmon's delicate taste. True to the harmonic nature of Asian cuisine, this pairing balances between deeply intricate, and vibrant notes — a striking contrast that gives the dish layers and complexity. The flavor marvel aside, you're also rewarded with peanut butter's thick texture. It coats the fish, lending its flaky texture a lusciousness that melts decadently onto the taste buds.

Infinite possibilities with just a bit of peanut butter

You probably already have a perfectly seared salmon dish coated with a rich, luscious peanut butter sauce in mind, but that's not all you can do with this pairing. Mix the two with pasta or noodles and you've got the best quick-fix meal in under 20 minutes. A salmon bowl filled with colorful veggies, legumes, and grains all tossed in a peanut butter sauce is an excellent choice for those looking to make healthy, delicious food. But if you're making a satay-style sauce, consider leaning into its original skewered food origin and make your own with salmon cubes.

Even though the two sauces mentioned above are some of the most popular choices, they aren't the only ways to pair peanut butter with salmon. Feel free to whip up other peanut butter sauces that you like. In addition to staples like soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and fish sauce, other condiments like Sichuan pepper, miso paste, ground ginger, etc. are also fantastic for capturing the Asian food taste.

A glaze is also an ideal choice, especially if you don't want anything too overwhelming. In the mood for a bigger flavor punch? You might find a Thai curry infused with peanut butter quite perfect. With a tumultuous mix of creamy, spicy, and fragrant notes, it's sure to impress.