Martha Stewart's Genius Ice Cube Trick That Won't Dilute Your Glass Of Soda

The longer your cold, ice-filled cup of soda water sits on the table, the more likely those ice cubes will melt and dilute your drink. Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with an answer for that problem. Instead of offering guests a regular ice-filled glass of lemonade or root beer on a warm summer's day, Stewart takes the extra effort to freeze soda directly into ice cube trays. This advanced planning is key to enjoying drinks that remain sugary, sweet, and delicious from the first sip until the last.

Stewart fills glasses with pre-frozen Coke ice cubes before topping off the stacked sweet icy blocks with her version of a Coke float. But this is a hack that will work with whatever your beverage of choice is. It doesn't need to be limited to non-alcoholic beverages, either. If you like drinking Jack and Coke, using frozen soda ice cubes could be a move easily added to your home bartending arsenal. 

This hosting hack deserves all the praise

As you go about freezing your favorite carbonated drinks, use ice cube trays to make these blocks of icy soda. Though some of the fizz will be lost once the soda is frozen, the tasty drinks you serve will make up for any loss of bubbles, and it's not like normal water-based ice cubes have any fizz either. You can make up for the lack of carbonation by elevating the ice cubes with strategic inclusions of herbs and spices. A delicate mint leaf, grating of lime zest, or a pinch of cumin added to the liquid-filled containers before freezing can be the extra zing your drinks deserve. Your summer cocktail recipes will never be mundane again. And if you're making a punch for a party, you could add to the icy ingenuity by making an herb-enhanced ice ring, too.

Consider stocking your freezer with trays of seltzer, 7 Up, Fanta, and more to have ready for your cravings, parties, and urgent hosting needs. And once they're frozen you can pop them out and store them in freezer-safe bags, to free up the trays for another round of flavored ice cubes. They should last up to 6 months in the freezer. A simple pour of ginger ale will be that much more enjoyable without any added water from melted ice.