What To Know If You Want To Freeze Soda For Icy Summer Cocktails

Cold, icy beverages are definitely the MVPs of summertime. Along with keeping you cool, frozen drinks have an interesting and satisfying texture that you just can't get from a run-of-the-mill cocktail. It's easy to create a frozen version of your favorite summer cocktail — all you need to do is freeze the mixer before you combine it with the alcohol in a blender. But if you're freezing a carbonated beverage like soda for your mixer, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

When preparing something like frozen soda or seltzer water for use in a cocktail, never put carbonated cans or bottles directly into the freezer. They likely to burst as the water expands and the pressurized gas has nowhere to go, spilling sticky soda all over the inside of your appliance. Instead, pour the liquid into an ice cube tray or another small container before popping it into the freezer. Once the soda is frozen, you can put your flavorful ice cubes and chosen liquor into a blender, mix, serve, and enjoy!

Freeze soda in an ice cube tray to avoid a frozen disaster

Freezing your preferred carbonated beverage in an ice cube tray will not only help you avoid a messy disaster, it will also help you more easily control the flavor and intensity of your end result. For example, when making one of the best summer cocktails, a Moscow mule, the amount of ginger ale used is mostly up to the drinker's discretion. Depending on how strong you want your drink, you can add more or less ginger ale ice cubes to the blender. You could also freeze the lime juice in a separate tray to really up the frozen components. Just keep in mind that a cocktail with high amounts of liquor may need additional ice to achieve the slushy consistency you're going for.

While freezing something carbonated will make it lose its fizz, the resulting cocktail will totally be worth it. The technique of freezing and then blending soda or sparkling water also works for more than just cocktails. It's perfect for refreshing summer mocktails, or even if you just want a slushy soda. Sometimes, keeping cool in the summer can be a challenge. Indulging in a homemade frozen cocktail will make it much easier, and more delicious.