Skip All The Rolling And Bake Your Sushi Instead

If you enjoy the flavors of sushi yet can't find the energy to roll up intricate pieces, we have an easy solution for you. Consider using the same ingredients and layer them into a pan to bake, instead. The concept may sound preposterous to a sushi purist, but hear us out: This idea is viral on the socials for good reason. "I love sushi, but making sushi homemade is difficult and time-consuming. It is definitely fun if you have the time and energy, but for a weeknight craving, this sushi bake is a perfect compromise," Tasting Table recipe developer Michelle McGlinn explains

Line a baking dish with flattened layers of your favorite sushi toppings, cooked rice, and seasonings. Once the layers are pressed into a glass dish, they can be topped with mayo, sesame oil, and mirin sauce to be taken out and served warm. This flavorful twist on an easy casserole will have you, too, wanting to post your creations on your feeds to help spread the delicious trend. 

Preparing sushi flavors for all

Tasty, easy, and unique, a salmon sushi bake is ideal for your next dinner party or weeknight in need of a serious pick-me-up. Plus, since raw fish isn't involved with sushi bakes, the recipes can be ideal for those who tend to be squeamish once uncooked ingredients are brought to the kitchen table.

Just as you would prepare rice to make sushi rolls, you can flavor rice with vinegar, sugar, salt, and furikake. Set aside slices of avocado, fresh carrots, and diced cucumber to add to the baked dish prior to serving, or provide dishes of grilled asparagus and seasoned edamame for each diner to dress their plates as they please. Sriracha and Kewpie mayo can be drizzled on top of plates, and sprinklings of sesame seeds, chopped scallions, wonton strips, and dried seaweed flakes can add extra punches of flavor. Present your bake with wonton chips, and your dinner guests may be taking notes to take home and try sushi bakes for themselves.