Pineapple Is The Tangy, Tropical Fruit That Perfectly Pairs With Salmon

If you love salmon, but find yourself getting tired of it from time to time, then you ought to try out some unexpected ingredients that pair well with this fish. One of these ingredients is pineapple, which can be used in all sorts of salmon dishes to great effect. Salmon has a rich, buttery taste, with a flaky yet meaty texture. By pairing it with tangy, sweet, tropical pineapple, you'll balance out the richness with the fruit's bright profile. Plus, using pineapple is a great way to infuse some natural sweetness into your dinner for a more balanced dish. A hint of sweet and sour flavor can make any savory recipe seem less one-note.

Pineapple pairs especially well with a dish that's smoky or spicy, such as Korean-style air fryer salmon or a classic blackened salmon. Adding the fruit to these dishes can be as easy as making a pineapple-infused marinade, which could consist of pineapple juice mixed soy sauce, honey, spices, and other popular marinade ingredients. Let your salmon filets sit for just 20 to 30 minutes, as pineapple juice is acidic and could otherwise turn the fish from tender to mushy. If you don't want the taste of pineapple permeating every bite of the salmon, there are plenty of other ways to add it to delicious dinner recipes.

More ways to pair pineapple and salmon for a delicious dish

If you decide against a pineapple marinade, another option is to whip up a batch of pineapple salsa — you can simply add a scoop on top of a piece of salmon to complete your meal. Or, you can opt to make salmon tacos, which are even more fitting vehicle for the sweet, sour, and spicy condiment.

Another idea is to make a salmon version of pineapple chicken teriyaki. Swap in diced salmon pieces for the poultry and enjoy it with cubed pineapple and red bell pepper, coated in a delicious homemade teriyaki sauce. The meaty fish and juicy fruit bring differing flavors and textures to the dish, rounding it out for a balanced meal. Serve over white rice for the perfect finishing touch.

On the subject of rice, salmon fried rice is a crowd-pleasing meal that's even better with pineapple. You can start with our recipe for pineapple shrimp fried rice and simply replace the shrimp with cooked salmon. It's is a more unique and filling protein choice for this beloved dish, making for one memorable meal. And finally, you can always bake a salmon fillet over a bed of pineapple rings. Not only is this a show stopping-dish for a dinner party, but it's a super easy way to infuse a caramelized pineapple flavor into the fish — no need to make a separate marinade or condiment.