Changes Are Coming To Nespresso's EasyOrder Benefits. Here's What To Know

Tasting Table recently wrote about complaints some users were having with Nespresso's U.S. rewards and discounts program — or a perceived lack thereof. Well, it would seem that the company has taken heed of the calls for change. Nespresso recently announced that instead of giving EasyOrder customers a free sleeve of Nespresso capsules for every $75 spent, the company will offer a 10% discount on every order over $75 starting on April 16, 2024. 

With Nespresso's sleeves of 10 capsules ranging from $9.80 to $20, this is a bit of a step back until customers spend over the $98 mark, depending on the sleeve they choose. But the new discount program stands to offer a greater benefit to those who like to purchase samplers, which are a great way to broaden your experience with Nespresso's offerings. The company already offered free delivery of orders over $35, and this benefit will continue unchanged.

EasyOrder is Nespresso's online ordering interface whereby customers can set recurring orders for delivery each month. The company also offers a suite of benefits for those customers who create a Nespresso account. These include "welcome gifts" after both the first and second orders, access to a free pod recycling program, access to exclusive coffees, free shipping, and complimentary coffee samples. As of press time, these continue unabated.

Nespresso loyalty programs around the world

These benefits for U.S. Nespresso account members are a far cry from what Nespresso customers enjoy in other countries. For example, Nespresso Portugal's "Benefit & Rewards" program has a series of offers that kick in at various spending thresholds. These include a free descaling kit for every 1,000 Nespresso coffee capsules ordered, free delivery for orders over 23 euros, a discount of 20 euros on accessories with every order of 200 capsules, a free milk frother with orders over 300 capsules, and a free Nespresso machine every year with a certain purchase minimum. With so many Nespresso coffee pod flavors to choose from — some good, some not so — it should be easy to hit these marks. 

Meanwhile, Nespresso U.K. has a three-tiered loyalty program called "Nespresso & You." Customers begin their membership journey at the "Connoisseur" level with personalized offers, free deliveries, and more. With five to nine years of membership at over 550 capsules per year, "Expert" level members access machine and accessory discounts, private sales, and free descalers. Finally, the cream of the crop, the "Ambassadors" — who have 10 years of membership and have purchased over 1,100 capsules every year — receive anniversary gifts and VIP sales.