The Simple Nespresso Tip To Get More Bang For Your Buck With Every Order

Nespresso drinkers are a pretty loyal crowd and they're usually happy to extol its virtues. From simple push-button capsule machines to the more high-tech Vertuo line with bar-coded pods for precision custom drinks, Nespresso gives plenty of ways to personalize what's in your cup. But, if the coffee inside those capsules and pods is sub-par or not to your liking, what's the point? That's up to personal preference, but the coffee giant actually helps out a bit in that regard through its sample offerings. 

When buying directly from Nespresso, customers have a few options for coffee sampling, all of which offer more bang for your buck. They also broaden your java palate to discover new blends, experience different types of roasts, and explore offerings from exotic coffee regions. The first approach is to simply choose predetermined collections, which include 10-pack "sleeves" of coffee varieties to try and sometimes come with things like a free travel mug or sets of large ceramic espresso cups. 

Purchasing a collection also qualifies for the same free samples available with every Nespresso order, regardless of size or content. These samples come in sets of three or four packs but they're not automatically included when you make an order. Instead, you'll choose your preferred coffees during the checkout process. And then there's the Nespresso EasyOrder program. Customers signing up for subscription coffee delivery on pre-chosen dates get a full 10-pack sleeve of capsules at no extra cost — with a caveat for cumulative minimum spending.  

What's in those Nespresso free samples

To qualify for general free samples, you only need to purchase coffee on the Nespresso website — there's no minimum order, and it applies to any type of coffee. There's a choice of free samples to try, which differ based on whether you're buying capsules for an original Nespresso machine or the round pod-style capsules for the special Vertuo machines

Three free sample packs come when ordering the original line, which are subject to change. They currently include specialty coffees named for diverse coffee cultures in cities such as Vienna, Shanghai, Roma, Venezia, Rio De Janeiro, and Paris. If you're instead ordering pods for the Vertuo line, you get four free sample packs. Current options range from iced coffee blends to regional flavors from Ethiopia and Mexico as well as coffees with specific qualities such as full-bodied intensity or fruity and floral notes.

Complimentary samples with the automatic EasyOrder subscription program offer several options from which to choose. Customers can check periodically to see what samples are available and then change their preferences at any time. It's always a full sleeve of Nespresso capsules or pods, which generally includes 10 capsules or pods, though select sleeves may come with different quantities. The free samples may sometimes include your go-to favorites, automatically saving you money, but options could also include new blends the company wants you to try. These free sleeves are earned by loyal subscribers and are available with every cumulative $75 spent.