The Key To A Cohesive Reuben Starts With Toasting Rye On One Side

If you think putting together a Reuben is a simple act of slapping corned beef in between two bread slices, you are sorely mistaken. The classic Reuben sandwich recipe is a customer favorite in restaurants and diners across the United States for good reason, and haphazardness is not one of them. Though your go-to deli sandwich maker may make the process look quick and straightforward, the simple act of toasting one side of each bread slice is a game changer when it comes to the overall finish of your lunchtime order.

Part of the charm of the Reuben lies in its texture and the flavors from a mouthwatering infusion of Russian dressing, melted Swiss cheese, some sauerkraut, and corned beef smashed between two buttery slices of toasted Rye bread. Though the ingredients and the composition of the sandwich are tough to fumble, it is the way in which you put the sandwich together that can push this recipe into better territory. By toasting one side of sandwich bread, the golden, crunchier surface can serve as the exterior of the sandwich, while the soft, untoasted end will envelop the sandwich's tempting layers of meat, cheese, and sauce.

When details make the difference

If you're in a hurry, you may notice that forgetting to toast either side of the sliced rye bread can result in a sloppy mess of a sandwich, while enthusiastically toasting both sides of the bread can result in a sandwich with a bit more bite than you've intended. This one-sided toasted technique is so slight that while you are chowing down on your sandwich the small detail may escape your attention, but as you devour the flavorful combination of ingredients, you'll know that this is a sandwich made with love.

After trying the single-sided toasted Reuben, you'll notice that gooey cheese sticks easily to the untoasted bread while your hands maintain a solid grip on the crusty, buttery surface of the golden slice — leaving you to enjoy your perfectly made sandwich with pride. Details matter in the kitchen, and this sandwich is no exception.