What Sets A Pakistani Club Sandwich Apart From The American Version

You might think the triple-decker club sandwich is uniquely American, but Pakistan also has its own version. When it comes to the American version, it'll most often have three slices of toasted bread stacked with bacon, sliced chicken or turkey, and a few other accouterments like tomato, lettuce, and spoonfuls of mayonnaise. In Pakistan, you'll still get three slices of bread, but how the chicken is prepared and the other fillings that go inside set it apart.

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between the American and Pakistani club sandwiches is that it probably won't have bacon in Pakistan. This makes sense considering how rare it is to find pork in the Islamic country. You might not miss the bacon, though, because the chicken is often taken to new heights with seasonings like garlic, red chili powder for smoky heat, and turmeric. You might also come across a variation known as a chicken tikka club sandwich in the country, where the chicken is prepared with ginger and garlic pastes, seasonings like red chili powder and paprika, and yogurt. It's then cooked before going onto the sandwich with some other unique toppings. The chicken might be prepared more traditionally or shredded and mixed with mayo like a spread depending on where you try it.

Pakistani club sandwiches have an eggy surprise

The lack of bacon and the addition of more flavorful chicken sets the Pakistani club sandwich apart, but those are not the only ingredient differences. A traditional Pakistani club will also have eggs, even though it's not necessarily considered a breakfast sandwich. The sandwich might have fried eggs, but a common variation is to include a simple omelet seasoned with black pepper and salt. For assembly, the eggs might be between the first two slices of bread while the chicken is on the other side of the middle slice. The only other core contrast is that it might have sliced cucumbers or onions on there too.

If you find yourself in Pakistan, it's rather easy to find the country's rendition of the sandwich. You can order it at a cafe or restaurant and you might even find it served by a street vendor in the city or packaged at the airport. Depending on where you get it, it could be plated with fries and a ramekin of ketchup just like in the United States. To round out your culinary knowledge of the country, here are 20 traditional Pakistani dishes you should try.