Nutella Is The Unexpected Sweet Ingredient You Can Use To Wash Rum

What was once viewed as an unusual technique to elevate cocktails has turned mainstream, and aspiring home bartenders are getting increasingly creative when it comes to fat-washing various spirits. Maybe you've fat-washed whiskey with brown butter or have tried washing bourbon with duck fat? Well, now it's time to experiment with a sweeter profile by combining your favorite bottle of rum with creamy chocolate hazelnut spread. Nutella-flavored rum? It's a yes. 

Though Nutella-infused booze may not be the combination that first comes to mind when you are thinking of what to drink, the experimental combination can result in some delightful beverages. Not only will your chocolatey spirit add a delicious aroma to your glasses, but the subtly sweet flavor can be just the element you need to elevate a go-to rum-based recipe. Whether you prefer smooth after-dinner drinks or creatively mixed cocktails to get the evening started, the tantalizing smell of Nutella will invite your next party guests to savor the drinks you serve.

Get ready to pour yourself a treat

Opt for a dark rum as you set out to make this mouthwatering spirit as the richness pairs best with the hazelnut and chocolate flavors of Nutella. You'll also need a baking dish (preferably glass) or sturdy plastic tub with a lid to prepare your concoction. Begin by spreading Nutella generously over the base of the dish or tub. Add your rum of choice on top, cover it with plastic wrap or pop the lid on, and let the two ingredients get to know each other overnight. This shouldn't need to go in the fridge as it won't go off, and room temperature will help the flavors meld better than a cold fridge. As with most infusions, the longer you let the spirit rest, the stronger a Nutella flavor will be imparted into the alcohol. Once the rum has reached the intensity you're looking for, simply run the Nutella rum through a cheesecloth to remove lingering particles and any oiliness. You may need to repeat the straining process several times for the cleanest finish.

The washed, filtered spirit can be poured into a bottle and kept for your drink-making needs. Serve the booze straight up for a post-meal cap or add a bit of decadence to an assortment of rum cocktails, such as a warming hot buttered rum drink for a cosy sip at the end of a long day. It won't be long before you start trying this Nutella-washing technique with your most cherished bourbon and rye labels, too.