Boost Your Store-Bought Hummus' Flavor With An All-In-One Seasoning

The hummus you picked up from the store doesn't need to be served as is. Instead of digging into the creamy spread straight out of the package, take the extra effort to dress it up for a presentation that looks homemade and offers extra flavor. Upgrade the taste by adding an extra swirl of olive oil and scattering your favorite seasoning over the dish. A quick sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning doesn't just upgrade pizza recipes. The all-in-one punch of flavor will sing when added to a basic batch of hummus. Once the spruced-up store-bought hummus has been plated, a meh dish will be reborn as something much more enjoyable to dip into. 

It's easy to make your own seasoning with flaky sea salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dried garlic, and onion, or keep the kitchen shortcuts coming with a ready-made blend you grabbed from the grocery store. You could also separate one container of hummus into different dishes to create several flavors from one package, like one lively red-pepper-flakes-enhanced bowl and another with more garlic-forward tastes. 

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Should you find that your go-to everything bagel seasoning container is empty, look to add a mixture of other spices from your kitchen cupboards. A simple mix of smoked paprika and freshly cracked black pepper is a fine place to start, and you can finish your spruced-up hummus with a drizzle of herb-infused oil, sweet oven-roasted garlic, and an extra dose of toasted sesame seeds. Consider sneaking a touch of cardamom or cinnamon into your hummus for hints of earthier flavors, or pluck herbs from the garden to finely chop and add to the top of your plated dishes.

Once you've recognized store-bought hummus as an ideal starting point for hosting and snacking, you can go wild with your favorite flavors. Served alongside toasted pita slices, buttery garlic bread, and freshly cut vegetables, your pretty hummus presentations may easily be mistaken as homemade by tonight's dinner guests.