A Dash Of Everything Bagel Seasoning Will Elevate Practically Any Pizza

It almost feels blasphemous to say that sometimes, pizza just gets old. It's impossible to think that the holy trinity of buttery dough, rich sauce, and gooey cheese falls flat, but at times, it just needs something more. Thankfully, everything bagel seasoning is the answer for elevating practically any pizza you eat.

While everything bagel seasoning is steeped in controversial origins, whoever created it deserves praise. Savory with a delightful crunch, the seasoning is a staple for bagels. Whether you prefer yours solely with cream cheese or like a few pieces of smoked salmon, too, it's incomplete without everything bagel seasoning's distinct flavor. If it can have that effect on bagels, why not use the spice on other dough-based foods? A blend of dried garlic, white and black sesame seeds, onion flakes, salt, and poppy seeds, everything bagel seasoning has a taste that uplifts your pizza ingredients rather than changing the flavor profile entirely. Plus, it delivers a slight crunch to the pie, like red pepper flakes without the heat.

You can sprinkle store bought everything bagel seasoning onto your pizza after baking it or make your own to fold into the dough. With a short list of accessible ingredients, making a batch of everything bagel seasoning is straightforward. For the best DIY everything bagel seasoning, focus on the salt. Opt for a flakier type, like sea salt or coarse kosher salt.

What kind of pizza should you add everything bagel seasoning to?

Since it was designed for a breakfast item, putting everything bagel seasoning onto your breakfast pizzas is a delicious way to use the spice. Elevate the eggs, chorizo, and salsa on Mexican breakfast pizza with a sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning for hints of savory flavor. You can also fold the seasoning into the dough when making breakfast focaccia. Getting hints of the salty, crunchy seasoning in between bites of bacon, breakfast sausage, and cheese makes the focaccia a pleasure to eat.

While everything bagel seasoning is the perfect match for breakfast pizzas, it's pretty good on white pizza, as well. When you spread the white sauce onto your French bread white pizza, sprinkle some everything bagel seasoning on top and allow it to set into the sauce as it bakes. It also delivers a delightful zing to fruits, particularly on sweet and savory Italian salad pizza. When making a dressing for the salad of juicy nectarines, prosciutto, and peppery arugula, toss some everything bagel seasoning in there to distribute its umami flavor.

Everything bagel seasoning's nutty taste is great for all stone fruits, particularly the ones on this grilled peach and plum flatbread. The salty seasoning complements the caramelized flavors brought out by grilling the fruits. Fold it into the dough prior to baking or toss it onto the pizza towards the end.