Elevate Your Bourbon Cocktail With A Splash Of Chai

A bourbon cocktail is a foolproof gateway to a good time, whether at a bar, a dinner party, or anywhere else. Sweet, rich, and laced with exquisite warmth, the spirit's timeless taste never fails to delight. Recipe developer Michelle McGlinn had the brilliant idea to add a splash of chai to bourbon to create a spiced chai old fashioned cocktail, and the result is heavenly.

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that bourbon and chai make a great pairing. A blend of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, and ginger, masala chai shares bourbon's soul-soothing warm tone. This seamless infusion enhances the drinking experience without altering the cocktail's beloved cozy nature. When infused into the liquor, the tea aroma layers in an inviting depth to accompany the usual vanilla, caramel goodness. Dancing between all the sweet, peppery notes is a toasted scent that gives the libation a rare sense of comfort. 

So many ways to transform a drink

Adding chai to your bourbon cocktail is a simple process — just steep the tea for a few minutes, let it cool, and mix it with the remaining ingredients. If the tea alone doesn't suffice add some chai syrup to highlight the flavors. Some also like to steep the tea straight into the bourbon for a stronger taste and more fragrant tea scent. In any case, rest assured that your chai-infused bourbon cocktail will turn out exceptionally.

This pairing works marvelously for an old fashioned, but it goes beyond that one drink. Mixed with a cold brew coffee, milk, maple syrup, and a pinch of spices, you've got a drink imbued with a dirty chai's signature bittersweet taste and a bourbon cocktail's warm kick. Shaken with ginger beer, lemon juice, orange bitters, and some simple syrup, it makes a tumultuous drink that sparks joy in every sip.

For those who like something simple yet crowd-pleasing, a fizzy drink is the way to go. You can shake the chai syrup and bourbon together with ice, strain that mixture, and then top it with prosecco, champagne, apple cider, sparkling water, or ginger ale. Sprinkle in some warm spices or add a cinnamon stick and you've got a new take on fall drinks that everyone will be fawning over.