Swap Fresh Scallops With Canned For A Quick And Easy Seafood Pasta

So you're looking to put a little taste of refinement in tonight's pasta, but don't know where to start. Consider using canned scallops to take your meal up a notch without having to race to the store or plan too far in advance. Those leary of handling fresh seafood in the kitchen may appreciate the ready-made aspect of canned seafood, and some varieties can be purchased packed in flavorful brine so you have even less of an effort to create dishes that keep diners reaching for more. Since canned seafood can easily improve your recipes and has a long shelf-life, you may want to pick up a few extra packages the next time you browse aisles at the store.

Canned scallops are already cooked, so you can just add them to recipes, such as shrimp and scallop scampi. They'll also taste great quickly seared in butter in the same way as you would cook fresh scallops, and added to a bowl of garlicky and herby noodles. Want a toothier item to toss with your pasta? Consider breading canned scallops with potato flakes before adding them to your recipe. You could even add a can to creamy pasta dishes, like a fettuccine alfredo, to put a seafood spin on the dish.

A quick path to a satisfying meal

Scallops are one of those canned seafood items you should stock in your pantry. The quick and convenient inclusion in pasta dishes and salads more than justifies its existence among your standard kitchen supplies. Note that canned scallops may seem smaller in size than the ones you're used to picking up fresh from the store. 

Most brands are canned in brine, and simply need draining before use. But some imported brands come in flavored oils. Depending on the flavor, this could be incorporated into a pasta sauce, too.

Once you've discovered the ease of using canned scallops, consider enhancing them by baking scallops with bacon before twirling the pieces into noodle-based dishes. Plated servings will come to life once garnished with fresh herbs and grated parmesan, cracked black pepper, and crunchy sea salt. Served with a side of toasted garlic bread, your convenient shortcut to culinary success may not even be noted by the eaters sitting around the dining room table.