Elevate The Flavor Of Chicken Cutlets With French Onion Soup Mix

Your ticket to a better-tasting dinner might be hiding among the spices in your kitchen cupboards. Tearing open a packet of dry French onion soup mix is an instant upgrade for our crispiest chicken cutlet recipe and doesn't require any extra planning or trips to the store. Without needing to lift a finger, you have a delicious combination of garlic powder, dried onion flakes, dried parsley, salt, and black pepper that can be just the punch of flavor your recipes have been missing. 

Whether you're slicing cutlets from a larger chicken breast or have picked up ready-to-go pieces from your local butcher, adding the ready-made soup mix to your combination of flour and cornstarch is all you need for a flavorful coating that will elevate any meal you plan to serve. From plating beds of greens with a perfectly cooked cutlet or topping steaming dishes of spaghetti with golden chicken meat, you may want to make a few extra cutlets to store and serve up later. 

Delicious doesn't need to mean complicated

Start by adding a tablespoon of the French onion soup mix to your breadcrumbs mixture and then adjust according to taste. The flavorful soup mix is dried and concentrated, so you may want to use less than what you think you will need to achieve mouthwatering bites. Once fried to golden perfection, any cutlet dressed in the soup-enhanced mixture will sing. Dishes this good shouldn't be so easy to whip up. 

Once you've tried cutlets dressed with French onion soup mix, it won't be long before you begin to use the convenient soup packets to season simple home fries, pasta casserole recipes, and salmon filets meant for the grill. Serve these delicious chicken pieces with toasted slices of homemade garlic bread, or double down on the herby, garlicky flavors by serving up your French onion-flavored dishes with comforting bowls of easy, cheesy French onion soup. Dry soup mixtures are an easy addition that should become a standard in your culinary arsenal.