Hate Vermouth? Try Midori For A Tropical Twist On A Lychee Martini

Many people love a classic lychee martini — it's refreshing, unique, and looks chic standing on the bar. But for those who find vermouth a bit too strong or herbaceous, there's a delightful alternative: the Midori lychee martini. This tropical take on the original uses Midori, a sweet, bright green melon liqueur, to create an equally vibrant and flavorful cocktail. 

Vermouth has long been a staple in classic cocktails like the martini and the Manhattan. Its herbal and slightly bitter notes add depth and complexity to drinks, making it a favorite among cocktail enthusiasts. However, for some, the taste of vermouth can be off-putting, leading them to search for alternatives. Before delving into the tropical twist, let's first understand the classic lychee martini. This cocktail typically consists of vodka, lychee liqueur, and a splash of vermouth. The result is a fragrant and slightly botanical martini that appeals to those who enjoy fruity and floral flavors. 

However, there's an easy (and sweeter) switch to waiting on your bar cart. Midori is a Japanese melon liqueur that gained popularity in the 1980s for its distinctive color and flavor. It's made from premium Japanese melons and has a fruity taste with hints of honeydew and cantaloupe, making it a versatile ingredient in a wide range of cocktails, from fruity punches to more sophisticated concoctions.

A fusion of sweet and green

So, why use Midori? Why not swap in another spirit or liquor? To start, the combination of vodka, lychee liqueur, and Midori creates a visually stunning cocktail bursting with tropical flavors. Midori's sweetness complements the lychee liqueur's floral notes while the vodka provides a smooth and balanced base, creating a more tropical and approachable taste than the traditional vermouth-based martini. The absence of vermouth also makes this recipe a good option for those who prefer a less dry cocktail. The result is a refreshing drink that transports you to a tropical paradise. 

Looking for a few additional tips to up your game? If you don't have fresh lychee fruits, you can use canned lychee in syrup, but be sure to drain the syrup and rinse the fruit before using. Adjust the amount of Midori to your taste preference. For a sweeter drink, add more Midori. For a touch of fizz, top your martini with a splash of club soda, and for a final citrus pop, consider adding lime juice. For a final garnish, we love the look of lychee fruit or melon balls dropped into the martini glass. With its vibrant green color and refreshing taste, the Midori lychee martini is perfect for a summer day or a tropical-themed party.