Pickled Deviled Eggs Are A Uniquely Flavorful Twist On The Classic

If you have ever made pickled eggs, you'll know that their creamy, herby, and tangy flavors are a delight. And you may well have served deviled eggs to your dinner guests, and enjoyed those, too. But you probably haven't considered combining the two ideas. Well, it's time to try it: Making snackable deviled eggs using pickled eggs with thyme and tarragon offers a fresh variation on a standard dish. With the flavorful base of a pickled egg ready to be filled with a whipped, creamy filling, this elevated presentation is both delicious and easy to put together.

You'll want to plan ahead to make pickled deviled eggs, because the longer you let the pickled eggs rest in their herby bath, the more flavorful each bite will be. Tasting Table's Jennine Rye recommends at least one week for the boiled eggs to reach optimal levels of infusion, and you don't have to stick with her herb suggestions, either. Experiment with garden herbs, spices, and garlic to create a taste that is just right for your menu. Once your infused batch of eggs has been opened, you can store them in your fridge for up to two weeks, so you have a prime window of opportunity to invite these morsels of goodness into your next deviled eggs-making attempt.

A unique spin on a classic favorite

Since the eggs themselves will offer a surprising burst of flavor, you can experiment with the kinds of seasonings you use to make the filling. Feel free to turn up the heat to complement a garlic-flavored egg by adding smoked paprika to your mixture of mayonnaise, dijon, and crème fraîche. Eggs that have been marinated in tarragon can play well with freshly ground black and white pepper, and thyme-infused eggs will sing with fillings that include touches of nutmeg, oregano, or parsley. If you're still searching for flavorful ideas, we have put together a list of 30 ingredients that will upgrade your deviled eggs, which should provide inspiration for a unique pickled egg and deviled egg combo.

To serve these uniquely tempting eggs, you can top each piece with delicate dill fronds or choose fresh leaves from the herbs you used to infuse the eggs. Make more than you think you'll need. Not only are these eggs nice to look at, they are also easy to gobble up, and a tray will go quickly at your next party.