Canned Biscuits Are The Quick Way To Get Delicious Strawberry Shortcake

Whether afternoon cravings for dessert are demanding or you find yourself short on time before tonight's dinner party, the path to fresh sweetness needn't be long. Using store-bought biscuits, you can quickly put together a strawberry shortcake that is both delicious and pretty to serve. With a recipe this easy, you may find yourself plating dishes of strawberry shortcake on the regular. 

Look for canned buttermilk biscuits at the store to make a golden, fluffy foundation for fresh fruit fillings and fluffy layers of whipped cream. As the biscuits bake, you can work on putting together the other components for your dessert. Mix cream with vanilla extract and slice washed strawberries to stir with sugar or sweeteners of your choosing. Once the baked biscuits have cooled, top cut pieces with strawberries and cream, garnish plates with sprigs of mint or rosemary, and finish the presentation with dustings of powdered sugar. In less than a half hour, you can be tucking into a treat that is not only refreshingly smooth but also offers warm memories of summer.

A dessert this easy shouldn't be so good

To go the extra mile when assembling your quick and easy dessert, consider adding a splash of cognac or Amaretto to your blend of whipped cream for more mature palates or make booze-free honey whipped cream from scratch. Customize plated desserts with toasted almonds, crushed pistachios, or ground hazelnuts for a crunchy, buttery touch. 

Don't have strawberries on hand? Use blueberries or other seasonal fruits for recipe variations, make a fruit compote using frozen fruit stashed in your freezer, or thicken jam in your kitchen cupboards with chia seeds, dried fruit pieces, or cornstarch. Once you've opened the door to making this fast yet satisfying dessert, you can let your culinary creativity run wild while savoring the results of your thriftiness in the kitchen. Experiment using different kinds of store-bought biscuits to create layers of flaky, buttery, and golden textures that serve as the vehicle for your chosen selection of fruits and creams. This is a treat that can be served and enjoyed any time of the day, all year around.