How To Make A Quick Fruit Cobbler With Only 2 Ingredients

Fruit cobbler is an easier rendition of a fruit pie (here's how to make the best fruit pie and crust), saving you the time and effort of forming a top and bottom crust in a circular pan. Modern renditions have made the doughy cobbler tops even easier by selling premade biscuit dough that you can simply drape over a baking pan full of fruit filling. However, the easiest and quickest hack yet reduces both the effort and ingredients required by using only two ingredients to make a fruit cobbler.

Popularized on social media, quick fruit cobbler requires only puff pastry dough and canned fruit pie filling. Considering that pies are made from pastry dough and cobbler from biscuit dough, using puff pastry for cobbler will split the difference between pie and cobbler. Both puff pastry and pie filling are premade grocery store staples that require no elaboration. Furthermore, puff pastry dough is already elaborated with plenty of butter and pre-rolled for your convenience. The dough will crisp up into a perfectly light, buttery, and flakey cobbler topping.

You can either make a typical square or rectangular pan dessert by spreading the canned fruit in an even layer, then rolling out an entire stack of puff pastry sheets over the fruit, or you can make individual cobblers on a flat baking pan. For hand-pie cobblers, simply space dollops of canned fruit filling over parchment-lined baking sheets, then place a rectangular stack of puff pastry over each dollop and bake!

Quick cobbler tips and upgrades

Since canned filling and packaged puff pastry dough come together in mere minutes, you can use all the time you saved to make simple cobbler upgrades. You can use other pantry staples like sugar and butter to create an even more flavorful crust. Brush melted butter over the crust and finish with a sprinkling of granulated sugar or even powdered cinnamon if you have it.

Another easy way to upgrade puff pastry cobbler is by combining two different types of fillings. Instead of buying a few of the same canned pie filling, buy two different kinds for a tasty contrast of textures and flavors. You could blend blueberry and peach filling for a delicious summertime cobbler. Cranberry and apple pie filling would make for the perfect fall cobbler combination. Cherry filling and canned lemon curd would offer a delicious balance of tart and sweet. You can also doctor up your canned fruit filling with a package of your favorite nuts or dried herbs. Apples and walnuts would be a tasty pairing. You could also add dried basil to strawberry pie filling.