10 Canned Bean Brands, Ranked

If there's one food you should always have in your pantry, it has to be canned beans. They're probably the most versatile ingredient to have at your disposal, and they can make or break pretty much any meal. Sure, we love to have dried beans on hand for when we have plenty of time to make our legumes from scratch, but let's face it: Most of us live busy lives, and we don't always get the opportunity to think that far ahead. Having canned beans on hand ensures that you always have something to eat, even if it's as simple (and as delicious) as a bowl of beans and rice.

But not all beans are created equally, and that's especially true when it comes to canned beans. With so many brands on the market to choose from, you may be left scratching your head when it comes to picking out the best-canned beans for the recipe you're making. That's why we've done the hard work of assessing ten different bean brands. We've ranked all of these brands, starting with our least favorite and working our way to the best of the best. Check out where your favorite brands land in the ranking.

10. Bush's

It's true that Bush's sells a wide variety of beans, including several varieties that don't feature any flavorings or seasonings. However, if the Bush's brand is known for one thing, it has to be its baked beans. Baked beans are generally cooked with tomato sauce, brown sugar, a variety of spices, and often some additional fat. We've tried the classic recipe before and wanted to go with a healthier option this time, so we tried the vegetarian baked beans. We were less than impressed with the results.

Were these the worst beans we've ever tried? No. But when it comes to baked beans, you're probably better off making your own. The biggest problem here is the sweetness. You can tell there's quite a bit of sugar in this recipe, which makes the beans unpleasantly sweet. If you're using these beans as a topping for something else that's quite savory, this may not be a big problem for you. However, if you're simply eating them as a side dish, you may not like that sense of overwhelming sweetness. We found that by adding a bit of vinegar-based hot sauce to the dish, we were able to balance these beans out nicely.

9. Signature Select

We've tried a wide range of Signature Select's beans before, so we wanted to try a variety that we hadn't had in the past. We taste-tested the store brand's black-eyed peas. Many brands of black-eyed peas come pre-seasoned, which we love, but we were interested in tasting this variety plain. What we found was that these beans were just fine. The flavor was okay, and they weren't too salty (although it's easy to simply rinse canned beans that are super-salty). The only problem we encountered with this brand of beans? The beans themselves were a bit on the mushy side.

Whether that mushiness bothers you or not is dependent on how you're preparing your beans. If you like to cook your black-eyed peas down quite a lot, perhaps with other ingredients and spices, then this slight mushiness won't really be a problem. On the other hand, if your plan is to use the beans straight out of the can, perhaps in a salad, then you may want to choose a brand that offers a more structurally sound bean for a better textural experience.

8. S&W

S&W is a bean brand that we don't always choose because it can sometimes be more expensive than its store-brand counterparts. That being said, these beans aren't terribly expensive compared to others on this list. We decided to try the kidney beans from S&W, and ultimately, they're a good option if you're just looking for a standard bean. There's nothing really that special going on here, but sometimes, you just need a basic ingredient, and in those cases, S&W definitely has you covered.

Unlike the beans from Signature Select, you're going to get a firmer bean when you choose this brand. Sure, kidney beans tend to be on the firmer side anyway, but we really liked how firm these beans were right out of the can. Keep in mind that they might require a bit of extra cooking if you want them on the softer side. We think that these are the perfect beans for a bean salad because you still get some of that texture that works well with crunchy vegetables.

7. Trader Joe's

If you live in a medium-sized to large city, then there's a good chance you frequent Trader Joe's on the regular. We like going to this store because there are fewer options than you'd find at most other grocery stores. Those streamlined options make it easier to find what you need and get out of the store (unless your Trader Joe's is usually crowded — in which case, we feel your pain). However, when it comes to the bean selection, Trader Joe's is probably not where you want to go.

Do we love the beans available at Trader Joe's? Sure. Their great northern beans are delicious, and they have just the right amount of salt. However, there aren't a ton of other bean varieties to choose from. If you're just looking for the absolute basics, then Trader Joe's may be fine for meeting your bean needs. But if you want to be able to choose from a wider variety of legumes, there are better bean brands to buy from. Moral of the story? Don't go out of your way to visit a Trader Joe's just for its bean selection — it's not worth it.

6. Whole Foods 365

Trader Joe's may not have an incredible selection of beans, but Whole Foods' store brand is a different story. Whole Foods 365 is one of the better bean brands out there, partially because of the flavor but also because there are several options to choose from that you may not be able to find elsewhere. We taste-tested the organic garbanzo beans, which were genuinely delicious. They held up well while being simmered and crisped up nicely in the oven. They aren't too salty, although they're not bland, either.

We also like that Whole Foods offers varieties like the bean trio, which gives you mixed beans without having to buy three different cans. There may not be anything particularly special about these beans, and granted, they are a bit overpriced. However, if you choose this brand, you're not likely to be disappointed with the results.

5. Stewart's

Depending on where you're located in the country, you may or may not be able to find Stewart's shelled beans. They hail from Maine, and they're made by a pie canning company. Generally, you're only going to see them in the Northeast. That being said, you should definitely try to get your hands on them if you happen to see them in your local grocery store because they're one of the better bean brands on the market. Before we even mention the flavor, we have to talk about the branding: This can look whimsical and old-fashioned, which makes it something that catches your eye in the grocery store.

But it's not all about looks. Stewart's shelled beans are delicious, and they're the perfect texture to use in salads and other cold preparations. However, you can also add them to a pot on the stove and cook them with spices to make a delicious side dish or topping for plain rice and veggies. Whatever you do with these shelled beans, you're in for a delicious meal.

4. Eden

If you want to eat brands that are grown in the United States, look no further than Eden. This brand is known for selling organic beans, so if that's something you care about, you can feel good about your decision to purchase this brand. And when it comes to flavor, you're not going to be disappointed. We tried Eden's garbanzo beans, which were definitely one of our favorites for this ranking. It was surprising that they were so flavorful, considering that there's no added salt. Although we don't mind having some added salt in our beans, we love that this brand offers a salt-free option for those who might be watching their sodium intake.

The only downside of these beans? They tend to be on the pricier side, so they may not be ideal for people who are trying to buy their beans on a budget. However, if you are willing to pay a bit extra for good-quality beans, then Eden may be a brand that you want to check out.

3. Good & Gather

If you shop at Target for groceries on a regular basis, then you've probably come across the brand Good & Gather. This store brand offers a variety of generic products, although it's not always as inexpensive as other store brands. That being said, we think that Target may just have the best store brand for beans. We've tried a few varieties of Good & Gather's beans, but for this ranking, we opened up a can of refried black beans. These are legitimately some of the best-canned beans we've ever had. They're rich, they're creamy, and they're exceptionally versatile, so you can use them in a wide variety of recipes.

The other beans in Good & Gather's lineup are solid, too, so don't be afraid to buy any of the varieties you see lining store shelves. However, if you really want to taste the best the brand has to offer, you should definitely give these refried black beans a try. You may never go back to regular refried beans again.

2. Goya

There are few bean brands more well-known than Goya, which you've probably come across at your local grocery store. If you're looking for a reliable bean brand that's widely available across most of the country, Goya may be one of your best options. We snagged Goya's black beans, and we found that they had an ideal texture (almost al dente without too much of the sandiness that black beans are sometimes known for) and the perfect amount of salt. If you're looking for a bean, you can use it straight from the can; these black beans have got you covered.

If you want to use the juice in these cans for some added flavor, don't worry about draining it off. On the other hand, if you're using these beans in a salad or for another use where the sauce isn't needed, just make sure you rinse them off beforehand. Just keep in mind that if you take the latter route, you may need to add salt before serving them.

1. Heyday

Most of the bean brands you'll encounter on store shelves offer a standard, commonplace product. Of course, you know by now that we absolutely love beans, but at the end of the day, a bean is just a bean in many cases. But the bean brand Heyday is offering something different. Not only are you getting high-quality beans, but they also season those beans to perfection. Basically, it's a mini meal in a can. All you really need to do is add these beans to some pasta, rice, or bread for a deeply flavorful legume experience.

Our favorite flavor from Heyday is the kimchi sesame navy beans, which are truly a blessing from the bean gods. However, there are several other flavors you'll undoubtedly want to check out, ranging from apricot glazed baked beans to harissa lemon chickpeas. You really can't go wrong with any of the beans on their lineup. Yes, these beans are significantly more expensive than most, but if you're willing to splurge, we think they're completely worth it.


We chose these bean brands from a range of widely available products at different grocery stores, including Star Market, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods, among others. Though this ranking is far from exhaustive, we hope it gives readers a good cross-section of different bean brands to choose from. Since not every brand offered similar bean varieties, we decided to opt for a range of different types of beans.

During the taste-testing process, we tried the beans in three different ways. First, we drained the cans that required draining (the ones that didn't come with added spices and seasonings) and tasted the beans plain and uncooked. Then, we warmed them up on the stove to see if that changed their flavor and texture. Finally, we included the beans in a variety of simple recipes, including rice and beans and pasta and beans, to better understand how they held up in recipes. Overall, we concluded that all of these bean brands yield good results, although some were better than others.