Elevate Your Next Casserole With A Flaky Biscuit Topping

While buttery biscuits and warm casseroles independently provide easy tastes of comfort, the combination of the two leaves no stone unturned when it comes to crave-inducing flavor. Mushy casseroles can often neglect the more satisfying elements of texture, but by placing pieces of canned biscuit dough on the top of your favorite casserole recipes, you'll have an added flaky crunch that will offer just the right amount of bite to your baked dish. Instead of simply scooping into a dish of cheesy, creamy noodles and baked vegetables, the top of your assembly of ingredients will be suitably crowned with your favorite buttery biscuit to keep baked dishes interesting.

Think of our from-scratch chicken and biscuits recipe, yet instead of having to roll out biscuit dough and cut sheets into pieces, you can quickly rip open a pre-made package and get to work. Topping casseroles is also a clever way to use those canned biscuits you picked up from the store and have yet to crack open.

Tuck into bites of easy carb-fueled comfort

If the ingredients you use to make your favorite casseroles could also be served with sides of warm, buttery biscuits, dare to top your next casserole creations with them. If you can fry up canned biscuits, you can certainly bake them in an oven on your go-to casserole recipes. 

Anoint chicken and vegetable casseroles with your favorite store-bought biscuits and be on your way to scooping up dinner in less than a half hour. Be sure to allow enough space in your baking dishes for the biscuits and other ingredients to rise, and keep an eye on your biscuit-enhanced casserole until the surface turns golden. For ingredients that require a longer cooking time, you can pre-bake the casserole and add the biscuit pieces for the last 10 to 15 minutes of baking time. Dishes this good shouldn't be so easy to make, but you don't need to share your fast-track secrets with your dinner guests unless you want to.