Try A Cranberry Juice Mixer For A Sweeter Bourbon Sip

How you should be drinking bourbon is somewhat subjective. Fans of this liquor are all too familiar with the longtime partnership between their beloved alcohol and Coke that dates back to 1907. It is a tried and true go-to; however, if this is your spirit of choice and you want to leave behind the vintage in pursuit of the au courant, you may want to ditch the soda and reach for a cranberry juice mixer instead. 

Believe it or not, bourbon is one of the best liquors to mix with cranberry juice. For the old guard of bourbon drinkers, this suggestion may seem sacrilege, but if you try it, you may find the balance of sweet and tart it imparts on this whiskey is worth the offense. Cranberry juice's tangy pucker allows bourbon's sweet caramel and vanilla flavors to shine through, creating a whole new experience for sipping on his alcohol. Of course, all bourbons are not created equal and when choosing this fruit juice as your mixer, you want to be certain to pick a bourbon that won't overpower this mixer.

Bourbons that work

A cask bourbon, which is where the bourbon has not been diluted with water before it has been bottled may be too much for pairing. Instead, look for lighter bourbons that are between 80 and 90 proof. Some of the best low-proof bourbons to buy and try with cranberry juice include Basil Hayden's 80-proof bourbon and Old Forester 88. Basil Hayden's 80-proof's peppery elements coupled with the citrus and honey notes make this a quality suitor to combine with this mixer, while Old Forester 88's notes of oak and butterscotch shine through against the sharp taste of cranberry juice. 

When it comes to cranberry juice, make certain to choose cranberry juice over cranberry cocktail. The cocktail version is going to be much sweeter and will not give you the same balance of flavors that 100% cranberry juice does. Additionally, the amount of juice you use will definitely impact your sipping experience. These two beverages are equal and for this reason, you should use a 1:1 ratio when mixing to ensure a harmonious sip for your taste buds.