Ghee Is The Key Ingredient For Scrambled Eggs That Don't Burn

A plate of soft and fluffy scrambled eggs can hit the right notes of hunger either when served for breakfast or placed on the dinner table. The simple yet nutritious meal is not just quick to whip up, but satisfying to enjoy. But if you're faced with a pan that is less than ideal, or if you know you're prone to forgetting about the eggs cooking on the stovetop, the clean-up after making a batch can be a real comedown. To save yourself the hassle of handling a burnt meal or scrubbing blackened cooking pans in the sink, reach for ghee before you set out to cook. 

When cooking on the stove or placing items into the oven, the advantage of using ghee — a concentrated South Asian clarified butter — is its high smoke point. The eggs you are hoping to gently cook in older, well-loved carbon steel pans will have less of a chance of burning as you stand over the stovetop. If you're working with cast iron cookware, ghee can also be a great choice, as you can place the cast iron into the oven without having to worry about smoke rising from your culinary creations.

Use ghee for easier cleanup and a satisfying taste

When making your eggs, first preheat your pan before you scoop a spoonful of ghee in to melt. Ghee may look like butter in the jar, but milk proteins and water have been cooked out of the creamy substance, leaving behind a clarified butter that offers a delicate nutty flavor to dishes. When cooking with ghee, you can use the same amount that you would with butter. Once your pan is properly coated with the oily, melted ghee, add your egg mixture. Cook eggs in ghee as you would using a slab of butter or your preferred choice of cooking oil. 

After tasting one bite of your ghee-enhanced scrambled eggs, you may be stocking up on ghee to have in your kitchen at all times, as the unique flavor may have you craving shallow dishes of the stuff to spread on toasted pieces of bread or swirling spoonfuls of it into freshly brewed coffee to make bulletproof coffee. Both make excellent companions to your morning plates of eggs and will have you starting your day with a serious pep in your step.