The Ingredient You Can Add To Coffee For A Health Boost

Since the seventh century, Himalayan families have added butter to tea to deliver a warm, satisfying comfort drink that helps keep digestive systems healthy (per Tea Muse). Butter tea was marketed by the Chinese during the 13th century, and in 2009, David Asprey unleashed bulletproof coffee into the world, a frothy morning brew that brought elements of butter tea into the hands of caffeine fanatics (per Coffee Affection). In time, the silky coffee was raved about by those following paleo and low-carb diets and advertised as an "energizing, keto-friendly coffee drink that has guided everyone from driven CEOs to professional athletes to busy parents to GET. MORE. DONE." (via Bulletproof). Variations in the recipe would incorporate ingredients like collagen, coconut oil, mushroom powder, MCT oil, pumpkin puree, or spices (per Homegrounds). But for those trying to avoid or limit dairy in their daily diets, there's another option for nutritionally-enhanced cups of joe.

A time-tested coffee addition

While butter adds a smooth, oily texture to coffee, Sip Coffee describes ghee as rich and nutty. To make ghee, milk is simmered at low heat, impurities are removed, and you're left with a light caramel-y, buttery substance that is rich in calcium and heart-healthy fatty acids. While it's not technically dairy-free, it has extremely low levels of lactose and casein, which are the root of most people's intolerance to dairy products (The Cleveland Clinic). Ghee has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of allergy, skin, and respiratory ailments, according to published research. The fats found in ghee are believed to help reduce inflammation, and vitamins like A, D, E, and K improve vision, immunity, and metabolism (per Anveshan). One study has even demonstrated a correlation between the consumption of ghee and lower cholesterol levels.

To enjoy coffee with ghee, place a spoonful into your morning coffee and blend. If you enjoy this combination, we also have a delicious coffee butter recipe you can serve alongside tomorrow's breakfast.