Ina Garten Takes Mocha Frosting To A Boozy New Level With Kahlúa

If anyone knows about pleasing crowds at a dinner party, it is hostess-with-the-mostess Ina Garten. While an average cook may whip up a batch of rich mocha or chocolate frosting to spread over cupcakes and decadent tortes, leave it to Garten to take the dessert a step further. Garten adds a tablespoon of Kahlúa to her cooled mixture of heavy cream, butter, chocolate, and espresso coffee, then adjusts to taste after combining until smooth. The boozy inclusion lends a mature taste to frosted treats and invites a subtle dose of a coffee-flavored element to an already rich and buttery spread.

Mocha with cream is never a bad decision, insisted Garten on Food Network's "Barefoot Contessa," and she includes the recipe in a specific cake that is quick to win hearts. Once your palate has been turned towards the light of alcohol-enhanced frosting, you can set your sights on trying to put together Garten's no-bake mocha chocolate icebox cake made with Kahlúa, cocoa powder, decadent mascarpone, and layers of chocolate chip cookies, all slathered with thick spreads of mocha whipped cream.

A recipe that can cause tears

Even if you can't bring yourself to put an entire cake recipe together, boozy mocha frosting is good enough to enjoy alone. The soft peaks of Kahlúa-enhanced frosting can instantly brighten store-bought treats or add extra pizazz to some of the baked goods you have made at home. For a simple and quick dessert, serve fresh strawberries and shortbread biscuits to dip into shallow dishes of the upgraded mocha frosting. Leave some frosting in the fridge so you can reach for it in the morning to dress up stacks of pancakes and golden pieces of French toast

If you don't have Kahlúa stocked in your home bar, homemade coffee liqueur can act as an equal substitute. Looking for an alcohol-free boost to flavor your mocha mixture? Don't skimp on the instant coffee or espresso powder and get creative with the extracts you use to build flavor. Vanilla, maple syrup, and butterscotch extras can add dimension to standard recipes, and extra sprinkles of cocoa powder can dial up the chocolatey deliciousness of your creamy spread. This frosting is so good you'll be licking it off the spoon.