Choose Bolder Cheese Options When Adding Rice Crackers To Your Charcuterie Board

Putting together a beautiful charcuterie board can be one of the simple joys of hosting dinner parties. Assembling the perfect combination of ingredients to present a satisfying platter of not only taste but also color and texture can require a bit of planning, but the results are always worth it. With so many items to choose from, however, matching a variety of tastes that not only look pretty but keep dinner guests reaching for more can present a slight challenge.

Rice crackers are an easy kitchen staple that can be quickly added to trays of cheese and accouterments. Plain, neutral crisps provide an ideal platform for other more flavorful ingredients to shine. So be sure to go bold with your cheese flavors. By setting out a range of ingredients for guests to consider, rice crackers can easily be matched with smoky gouda, herby goat cheese, or punchy pimento cheeses to offer flavorful combinations that deliver both texture and taste. Swabs of nut butter, sweet apricot jams, and buttery brie can turn these flat crackers into decadent bites with little effort.

A taste for every palate

Use plain crunchy rice crackers as vehicles for more obscure cheeses, tart spreads, and pungent French cheeses. Providing such blank slates puts flavor into the hands of your friends, as they can layer flavorful combinations of earthy mushroom pâté, garlic aioli, sharp cheeses, or creamy hummus to create bites that match their preferences for mild or more pronounced flavors.

Or, as you browse a variety of rice crackers at your local market aisles, don't be afraid to step outside of the plain lane and grab other flavors to mix and match tastes. Sweet chili rice crackers can play well with more subtle, creamier cheeses, while teriyaki and BBQ-flavored crisps can be delicious with slices of cheddar. Just consider yourself warned: These light, crispy crackers will disappear quickly, so you may want to stash an extra package or two in your kitchen cupboards for a quick hostessing solution the next time you find yourself feeding unexpected party guests.