Smoked Ice Cubes Are The Subtle Way To Add Bold Flavor To Your Drinks

Throwing a cocktail or a backyard party to celebrate spring or kick off fall requires a drink. And whether you are making zesty Palomas or breaking out the blender for some classic margaritas, you are going to need to bring the smolder with some smoked ice cubes for these boozy drinks. What is this chilly novelty? A smoked ice cube is water that has been infused with smoke from wood chips that are burned on a grill or in a smoker. The water is then strained to remove any particles that may have found their way into it, poured into ice cube trays, and placed in the freezer. 

Once frozen, you can use your smoked ice to impart its earthy, smoky essence to whatever alcohol it is bobbing up and down in as it melts. What you will love about this little frozen detail is how it interacts with the various components of your drink. It won't overwhelm your cocktail, but rather helps bring all the ingredients together making for a smooth, yet bold taste. 

Your wood chips matter

Smoked ice's superpower is how it brings balance to an array of flavors. But be thoughtful with what type of wood chips you use to make your smoked ice cubes, because it will greatly influence the taste of the alcohol you put it in. For example, applewood chips will add sweetness to whiskey and bourbon. It can really transform the taste of a classic French 95 or your whiskey sour. On the other hand, a mesquite wood chip will give your drink a sharp, tangy charred taste and pairs perfectly with a spicy tequila or a sweet and smooth mezcal. Use it in a blood orange and pomegranate margarita or tequila cocktail with Cholula to enhance the spice. 

Additionally, you might want to try smoking your water with a citrus wood chip. This choice works well if you are making cocktails like an easy lemon drop martini or Boulevardier to really bring out that lemon or orange flavor as your smoked ice cubes melt. It would even add depth of flavor to a turmeric and ginger juice mocktail. But don't be afraid to experiment. It is the greatest teacher and will help you determine what type of wood chip works best for your freezing endeavors.