The Proper Way To Store Your Bottles Of Triple Sec

To give an essence of orange flavor and sweeten cocktails like classic frozen margaritas, a lot of bartenders and amateur mixologists like to use triple sec. Because the orange-flavored liqueur contains a decent amount of sugar, recipes usually only call for a small amount of it in a cocktail. So there's a good chance that you have an opened, half-used bottle of triple sec on your bar cart or in the back of the pantry. Considering a bottle can last a while — even for those who really enjoy a frequent home-crafted cocktail — it's important to know how to properly store it.

The best way to store triple sec is to keep the bottle upright in a cool and dark spot to maintain its flavor, just like other booze. It's important to keep the lid tightly closed after each use or else the distilled liquor will start to evaporate and oxidize. Wipe away any crystalized sugars that build up around the rim of the bottle so it closes tightly. And double check it at the end of the night after a tipsy friend uses the bottle to make one last round of cosmopolitans at your place.

Store triple sec properly to extend its shelf life

Unopened bottles of triple sec last indefinitely when stored properly. Even after they've been opened, properly stored bottles can last up to a year or longer. The liqueur won't necessarily go bad after that long, but the taste might start to change. Popular brands of triple sec like Cointreau claim that it can last for a couple of years and has no real expiration date, but to play it safe, try to consume the liqueur in a timely manner. Otherwise, give it a sniff test and check for any discoloration before pouring it into a cocktail shaker.

Triple sec doesn't need to be refrigerated, nor does your favorite bottle of booze need to be stored in the freezer. Although that will keep it ice cold so it's always ready to serve in a crisp and tasty cocktail. Now that you're brushed up on how to properly store bottles of triple sec, check out the best type of orange to use for homemade triple sec if you prefer cocktails to be made from scratch.