How Long You Can Store Open Cool Whip In The Fridge And Freezer

Cool Whip has been an American dessert staple for decades and for many families it's an automatic addition to any holiday grocery list. Creamy, versatile, and simple to use, Cool Whip is just one of many inventions from the food scientist who also brought us Pop Rocks and TANG. Cool Whip is bought frozen in a small plastic tub and should be kept frozen until you're ready to use it. Once the tub of Cool Whip has been opened, you have several options for storing leftovers. The main thing to keep in mind when storing Cool Whip is maintaining the texture. While the flavor is good, we all know we're here for that velvet-smooth mouthfeel. To keep Cool Whip's texture nice and perky, and to avoid any food safety issues, don't leave your open tub of Cool Whip at room temperature for longer than two hours.

So long as the Cool Whip hasn't melted into a sad puddle of corn syrup, you are free to pop that lid back on and toss it back in either the fridge or freezer. The freezer is a good option if you don't plan on using it again anytime soon. If frozen, Cool Whip will stay fresh and ready to turn into frosting for three months. If you think you'll use it sooner than that, rather than refreezing and thawing it again, store it in the refrigerator. Cool Whip will stay good in the fridge for one to two weeks.

Storage tips

Keep in mind that the shelf life of Cool Whip is highly dependent on how you store it. More than anything else, you want to make sure that it's kept in an airtight container. If you haven't removed it from its initial packaging, this should be easy since it comes with a lid. If you were hosting a party or dinner and dumped it into a bowl to avoid serving it in the plastic tub, you'll need to either put it back in the tub when you're done or find another airtight container to put it in. If you plan on putting it back in the freezer, make sure the container is safe to freeze. If you accidentally leave the Cool Whip open to the air, you'll soon learn that it can quickly eat away at its desired texture.

If you're planning on freezing the leftovers but aren't confident that you'll be able to remember just how long it's been taking up space in there, you could always write the date that you put it in the freezer on the lid. That way you can remove the guesswork.

You'll be able to tell if your Cool Whip has gone bad first and foremost by its texture. If it no longer has the smooth, fluffy feel you know it should, that probably means it's past its prime. You can also check for a sour smell. Of course, if there's mold on it then definitely don't eat it.