Cornstarch Is The Secret Ingredient To Make French Toast Without Eggs

Whether you're a vegan, you're allergic, or you're just looking for ways to diversify your diet with more plant-based proteins, going eggless has never been easier. Today there's an egg substitute for just about everything — even your French toast. The breakfast staple has long been made the same way — by dipping slices of soft brioche or sourdough into a mixture of whisked eggs, cinnamon, and vanilla, then dipping them into milk, and cooking them on a hot buttered skillet, one side at a time. But you can make your French toast without the eggs — as long as you have cornstarch.

To make eggless French toast, use a tablespoon of cornstarch for each egg you would be needing and mix it into the milk along with the cinnamon, vanilla, and any other seasonings you might be adding. Then, dip in your bread and cook it on the skillet as you normally would, and flip. The cornstarch works like an egg would by helping the milk evenly coat the bread, giving you that perfect crisp everyone looks forward to having on the edges of their soft, fluffy French toast. As mentioned before, however, there's more than one way to do things — and this swap only opens up your possibilities.

Eggless French toast is only the beginning

There are a few notes you should follow when making eggless French toast. In addition to subbing in cornstarch, avoid soaking your bread for too long and refrain from using slices that are too thin. This will help ensure your French toast doesn't fall apart or become soggy. Also, don't let the mix sit for too long before you dip your bread into it, or the cornstarch will settle to the bottom of the milk and won't coat the bread as well.

Once you've succeeded in creating eggless French toast, experiment with using different types of bread and plant-based milk. There are also a handful of delicious and dairy-free butter alternatives on the market that taste and function just like the real thing. Myokos and Melt are two that come to mind, and they spread like an absolute dream. Fortunately, almost anything you'd add after that is already dairy-free and eggless — so go ahead and drizzle as much maple syrup as your heart desires.