Fresh Raspberries Give Chocolate Truffles A Satisfying Tartness

Sometimes, chocolate truffles can feel a tad too rich and luxurious, which isn't necessarily bad; however, it leaves us wanting some balance — another flavor to slice through the bold taste. This is where fresh raspberries come in. Making chocolate truffles with raspberries will add a satisfying and refreshing tartness. This zesty flavor is much welcomed as it cuts through the decadence and balances the bittersweet flavors of chocolate truffles. With each bite, you get a pleasant surprise: Velvety and creamy chocolate melts in the mouth, and then a juicy burst of fresh flavor in the middle greets the palate.

Are you wondering if you can use frozen raspberries instead of fresh ones? Tasting Table's recipe developer Kate Rosenhouse states you can use either when incorporating them into chocolate truffles. "If using frozen, there's no need to thaw before using. Just slice them in half and keep frozen until ready..." she explains. Rosenhouse's recipe for dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake truffles demonstrates perfectly how to add raspberries to chocolate truffles, showing us how to make tarty bite-sized pick-me-up treats any time.

Personalize luxurious chocolate truffles with different tarty inclusions

To begin, Kate Rosenhouse recommends you use high-quality chocolate; the darker it is, the better. "I tend to go for a 55 to 65% chocolate for coating, but you might prefer something darker—even 70 to 85% chocolate could be used for a rich dark chocolate exterior," she states. Rosenhouse makes a cream cheese filling, mixing cream cheese with cocoa powder and melted chocolate in her dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake truffles recipe. Then, she adds a halved raspberry (fresh or frozen) to the center of this filling. Finally, Rosenhouse freezes the filling (or cheesecake ball as she calls it) before dipping it into chocolate to turn it into a chocolate truffle. Each truffle is true decadence but also pleasantly balanced with the raspberries' tartness.

There is room to adapt Rosenhouse's recipe. Not a fan of raspberries? Choose another tarty fruit as the inclusions, like strawberries, pineapples, tangerines, or even kiwis. Before the chocolate shell of the truffles set, garnish with chopped nuts, edible gold foil, or tiny pieces of instant ramen for added crunch. Be creative and change the fillings, inclusions, and toppings. You can even add seasonal fillings like pumpkin in the fall or peppermint cream in the winter.