The Ratio To Use When Substituting Yogurt For An Egg White

Standing in your kitchen, ready to bake a cake, you realize you're missing a crucial ingredient: eggs. Check your refrigerator before you fret or run out to buy some eggs or borrow one from your neighbor's chickens. You may have the perfect egg or egg white substitute, and that secret ingredient is yogurt

Yogurt is far more versatile as a dairy product than many people realize. When measured correctly, yogurt can replace an egg and egg whites in baking. Here's the magic ratio to remember: Substitute every egg or egg white required in a recipe with a quarter cup of plain yogurt. Not more, not less. 

So, why can we use yogurt as a direct substitute for an egg or egg whites in baking? First, we must understand what role eggs play as a baking ingredient. Eggs work as binders to keep wet and dry ingredients together in doughs and batters. Eggs also help leaven baked goods, especially when whisked or whipped until airy. Finally, eggs, a wet ingredient, add moisture to your cakes, bread, and other baked treats. Yogurt, in place of eggs, acts as the binder and moisture bringer. And, due to its acidity, yogurt can serve as a leavener as well, making it a good substitute for both eggs and baking powder. 

Use yogurt as an egg or egg white substitute beyond baking

Aside from baking, yogurt's utility in the kitchen extends into general cooking, offering a remarkable egg substitute across various dishes. For example, for breakfast, if you find yourself without eggs but want to make pancakes, use plain yogurt. Instead of using an egg in a marinade for your proteins, add a quarter cup of plain yogurt. The yogurt will add moisture and the acidity will help tenderize your protein. 

When you're making meatballs or burger patties and are out of eggs, use plain yogurt instead, remembering the magic substation ratio to bind the ingredients. You can also use yogurt in place of eggs when making sauces or salad dressings to thicken them while adding acidity and creaminess.

We already mentioned that plain yogurt is best when used as a direct substitute for eggs and egg whites. Additionally, you may want to consider using plain Greek yogurt, as Greek yogurt is higher in protein content than most types of other yogurts. And eggs, we know, are packed with protein. So the next time you're short on eggs, stop worrying and grab that carton of yogurt, preferably plain Greek yogurt, and measure out a quarter cup for every egg or egg white you need to replace.