Oranges Lend Great Flavor To Salmon, But Marmalade Is Even Better

Citrus and seafood are a natural pairing across many dishes; the acidity in citrus lends itself to being a great balancing ingredient across a variety of seafood. Oranges and salmon are one example of this pairing that really shines. The subtle sweetness in oranges balances out the fatty flavor in salmon excellently and you can lean into this rich flavor pairing by upgrading your oranges to include marmalade. Tasting Table recipe developer Ksenia Prints uses this addition in her orange marmalade salmon with roasted fennel recipe.

This sheet pan meal works to incorporate an expertly balanced array of flavors to give you a satisfying savory and sweet meal. Prints use a combination of fresh orange juice and orange marmalade for maximum orange flavor in her dish. Meanwhile, the addition of fennel not only provides a vegetable but also brings in an earthy, herbaceous flavor.

"The combination of the juicy oranges and aromatic fennel pairs nicely with the fruity orange marmalade, giving the dish a sweet and salty flavor with an aromatic touch from the fennel fronds," explains Prints.

What makes orange marmalade so special?

You may be familiar with orange marmalade from the stories of Paddington the Bear. Orange marmalade is made from the juice and peel of the orange, giving it a deeper citrus flavor compared to other fruit preserves. Marmalade has more of a zesty taste compared to say, an orange jelly, due to the use of the peel in its creation. When the salmon cooks with marmalade topping, the marmalade turns into a sticky, glaze-like coating. This gives you a caramelized taste to your dish and deepens the orange flavor present.

If you don't have orange marmalade on hand, there are a few creative ways you can substitute it. If you are using an orange-based jelly, you could try adding some fresh orange zest to the mix to bring in that slight bitter taste from the peel, or you could opt to use apricot preserves. Apricot preserves can be a little tangier than some orange preserves, making it a good alternative.