A Different Way To Drink Matcha Is In Your Next Cocktail

If you have walked into a coffee shop any time in recent years, you are probably familiar with matcha. This powdered green tea has become a staple beverage for many thanks to its unique flavor, creamy texture, and lower caffeine content per serving compared to coffee. While you may have enjoyed matcha before on its own or in a cozy matcha latte, there are many more ways to get your daily dose of this beloved ingredient — even boozy ones. Next time you are crafting a cocktail, we recommend adding a bit of matcha to bring some extra color and dimension.

While untraditional, matcha has a lot to offer in the world of mixology in terms of taste and texture as well as aesthetics. Matcha's flavor is at once grassy and vegetal while also having a subtle sweetness and a slightly bitter finish. For such a simple addition, it brings a world of complexity to a drink where you would otherwise have to put time and effort into making a special tonic or syrup to achieve a similar effect. As an added bonus, the naturally silky texture of matcha will give your cocktail a smooth mouthfeel, and the bright green color will make the beverage incredibly striking.

How to add matcha to your next drink

Before you make a matcha cocktail, it is important to ensure you have the right kind. Matcha comes in different varieties, or grades, that are meant to be used in different ways. Culinary grade matcha is considered the lowest grade, as it is made from older tea leaves that result in a duller color and more bitter flavor. This is perfectly fine for recipes with added sweetener, like matcha muffins, but may negatively impact a drink in which it is the star flavor. The remaining varieties of matcha — daily grade and ceremonial grade — have a brighter color and a balanced flavor that is more appropriate when you are centering the ingredient in a cocktail. For more help, check out our guide to buying the best matcha.

Once you have selected your matcha, you can add it to a cocktail in several ways. The most straightforward option is to mix in the matcha as if it were any other ingredient; however, this option may result in graininess or separation over time. More reliable techniques include adding it into a simple syrup or shaking the powder with egg white to create a suspension, much like is done with oil and vinegar when making a salad dressing. Matcha can fare well in many cocktails, but we recommend trying it with a botanical spirit like gin or a neutral spirit like vodka, as these will allow the flavor of the tea to shine through best.