Use Up Leftover Pie Filling To Create A Deluxe Ice Cream Sundae

Pie and ice cream are always a winning combination, which is why if you find that you've made too much pie filling or have some left over from a can, you should use it to create an easy ice cream sundae. Pie filling is perfect for pouring over your favorite ice cream and transforming it into a sundae that will give pie eaters all the vibes of pie but without the crust. 

Fresh pie filling is only good for about three days when stored in the fridge, and the opened canned version will be good for up to two weeks when stored in a container with a lid the refrigerator. So, using leftovers for sundaes is a great option to ensure it doesn't go to waste. Thick, sweet, syrupy, and full of fruit, pie filling is an ideal stand-in for other fruity-flavored syrups you might use with ice cream. You can warm it up or use it cold depending on the type of sundae you are creating. But what you will love most about using your pie filling for your next sundae is all of the possibilities.

Get creative with your filling

Use chocolate ice cream with cherry pie filling and crumbled brownies to create a cherry brownie sundae. Top it with some whipped cream and you're in business. Of course, nothing says you have to use it as is. You can also elevate your pie filling for your sundae by adding some simple ingredients to it. Sweetened condensed milk will make for a creamy pie filling that enhances your dairy. Add it to blueberry pie filling and spoon over vanilla ice cream. And don't forget to have a crunchy element. Crumble some graham crackers and sprinkle them over your ice cream and blueberry filling for a true pie experience.

Need something a little more sophisticated? Open up your home bar and add a teaspoon of your favorite orange liquor to apple filling for an adult sundae that can be spooned over a salted caramel ice cream or a caramel apple pie gelato. Have some leftover raisin pie filling? Add a little bit of rum, warm, and pour over your ice cream served on top of a warm, chewy oatmeal cookie.