Every Snack And Sweet At Starbucks, Ranked

Starbucks, renowned for its rich Frappuccinos and eagerly anticipated seasonal lattes, also boasts a diverse food menu. Beyond its well-known warm breakfast sandwiches, which rank among our top fast-food breakfast picks, the coffee chain offers various lunch options, including both cold and warm sandwiches, along with an assortment of protein boxes designed to sustain you throughout your day. But it's the midday munchies, that craving for a small yet satisfying bite, where Starbucks truly shines.

For those mid-afternoon coffee runs when you're seeking something light to tide you over until dinner without ruining your appetite, the snacks and sweets section is the perfect option. With an array of packaged goods at your disposal, the choice might seem overwhelming. Recognizing this dilemma, we embarked on a mission: To taste, evaluate, and rank every snack and sweet item available, simplifying your snacking decisions during that all-too-familiar midday slump. While some selections emerged as the perfect accompaniment to our coffee, others fell short, failing to deliver on flavor or satisfaction. Our top picks enhanced our coffee experience without overpowering it, providing the ideal snack addition. Conversely, our least favorites were a letdown, not meeting our snacking expectations.

If you're unsure what your particular store will have on hand when you arrive, you can check the supply on the Starbucks app. Navigate to the Snack and Sweet section in the menu, and you'll see your store's selection of offerings and whether each option is in stock.

13. Perfect Bar Peanut Butter

Priced at $4.25, we had high expectations for the Perfect Bar Peanut Butter protein bar as a great option for those who are fans of peanut butter. Upon unwrapping, its appearance was promising, resembling a solid chunk of peanut butter that beckoned with the promise of rich, full-bodied flavor. However, the initial bite revealed a surprisingly muted peanut butter taste, overshadowed by an assortment of bland, indistinct flavors.

The texture of this refrigerated protein bar was peculiar, reminiscent of a dry yet extremely dense brownie, which was unexpected for a product that suggested a smooth, creamy experience. Despite our anticipation of an ideal peanut butter protein bar to add to our Starbucks quick grab Sweets and Treats repertoire, this bar did not live up to the hype. The packaging suggests refrigeration for up to a week if not consumed immediately — a puzzling recommendation for an on-the-go snack, considering the scarcity of refrigerators in cars.

12. Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry Banana

The Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry Banana fruit puree, priced at a modest $2.25, offers a convenient option for parents looking for an easy meal for their young children while on the go at Starbucks. These resealable pouches, familiar to many due to the widespread use of similar packaging in various baby foods, ensure that the method of consumption is both convenient and recognizable for little ones.

Despite its practicality, adult palates may find the Peter Rabbit Organics Strawberry Banana texture slightly unusual, hovering between the consistency of applesauce and a smoothie. Its taste faithfully replicates the expected strawberry and banana blend, yet it unmistakably ventures into the realm of baby food, given its pureed nature. While it stands as a commendable choice for its intended audience, when placed in comparison with the broader range of Starbucks sweets and treats, it might not be the first pick for adults seeking more complex flavors and textures. This option shines for its targeted convenience and nutritional aspect for children, but adults may prefer to explore other offerings for their culinary enjoyment.

11. Perfect Bar Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

Priced identically to its sibling at $4.25, the Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Perfect Bar attempts to elevate the flavor profile beyond the original Peanut Butter variant. Despite the promising addition of dark chocolate chips, it faces the same fundamental issue: a lack of robust flavor. The initial impression upon unwrapping suggests a delectable chocolate chip cookie in protein bar guise, yet the actual taste falls short of fulfilling this tantalizing promise.

For those seeking protein-rich alternatives at Starbucks, our sights are set on more satisfying choices such as the Potato, Cheddar & Chive Bakes or egg bites. These selections offer a substantial protein boost and surpass expectations in satiety, unlike the Perfect Bars, which, despite their protein content, fail to win our favor flavor-wise. Additionally, their inability to harmonize with Starbucks' beverage lineup further diminishes their appeal. Given these considerations, we lean towards leaving the Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Perfect Bar on the shelf in favor of more flavorful and complementary options.

10. Squirrel Brand Fruit + Nut Blend

For those partial to nibbling on fruit and nut mixes, the Squirrel Brand Fruit + Nut Blend pack, available for $2.25, offers a delightful blend. Featuring a carefully curated mix of cashews, almonds, dried cranberries, and blueberries, this snack hits the right notes with its tender nuts and slightly juicy berries. Although it doesn't boast any unique qualities that set it apart from other fruit and nut packages, its affordability and quality make it a commendable choice for the price.

Ideal for keeping at your desk as a quick snack or fueling your afternoon activities, this mix provides a convenient and tasty option. However, it's worth noting that its appeal may be limited to those who already enjoy fruit and nut combinations. While it executes the basics well, it may not convert those indifferent to this type of snack. Its strengths lie in its straightforward, well-crafted mix rather than in novelty or distinctiveness.

9. Spearmint Gum

For $2.50, the Spearmint Gum sits right in front of the cash register at Starbucks. This gum hits the mark with its flavor, serving as the perfect palate cleanser following your coffee treat, whether in the afternoon or first thing in the morning. Its vibrant, minty essence, reminiscent of toothpaste, provides a surefire way to refresh your breath. Fashioned in the classic long, thin sticks reminiscent of traditional bubble gum, it offers a familiar yet effective solution for those needing a quick breath freshener.

Although it may not boast the novelty or variety of other items on the sweets and treats menu, its strategic placement at the checkout counter emphasizes its role as a convenient, last-minute add-on to ensure you're meeting-ready with fresh breath. While it may not be our top pick among Starbucks' array of flavors, the Spearmint Gum fulfills its purpose with commendable efficiency. Plus, it's an easy pack to keep in your bag for breath-saving moments throughout your day.

8. Kind Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Nut Bar

We're huge fans of the Kind brand granola bar, especially for its see-through packaging that doesn't leave you guessing what's inside, and each bar indeed looks as perfect as promised. Priced at $2.25, this specific bar available at Starbucks, featuring a delightful mix of salted caramel and various nuts with a chocolate drizzle on top and a chocolate-dipped bottom, is the only Kind brand option offered. The flavor is quite good — for those in search of a nutty energy boost, we find this bar preferable to the fruit and nut mix, even though it follows a similar concept but in a bar form.

Our sole gripe with the Kind brand concerns the bar's firmness, which we attribute to the nuts' toughness. It's a treat for the taste buds, no doubt, but be prepared for a bit of a chew. Despite this slight inconvenience, its rich flavor profile of salted caramel and dark chocolate ensures that our recommendation of it as a quick, nourishing snack.

7. String Cheese

This string cheese is a familiar sight for fans of the Starbucks protein box. This very mild mozzarella cheese stick, designed for optimal stringiness — a hallmark of quality — is identical to those found in the protein boxes. If they're a hit with you there, they'll surely be a hit as a standalone snack. Starbucks offering string cheese among its myriad of goodies is a delightful surprise, even if it's not the first snack that comes to mind. Its mild mozzarella flavor doesn't necessarily enhance the Starbucks beverage experience, but it certainly doesn't detract from it, thanks to its subtlety.

Moreover, while Starbucks caters to snackers of all ages, we appreciate the inclusion of string cheese for the youngest fans who might be in search of a snack that's a step up from the fruit puree. Priced at $1.75, it's an affordable, kid-friendly option that's also appealing to adults looking for a light, protein-rich snack.

6. Butter Popcorn

The Butter Popcorn from Starbucks is a delightful surprise and one we found quite tasty indeed. Opening the bag is reminiscent of that classic movie theater popcorn scent, albeit with a tad less butter (or quite a bit less butter, depending on your individual additions). While it doesn't quite replicate the full movie theater experience, this bag's mild butter touch makes it an excellent choice for those preferring their snacks lightly flavored and not too rich.

We particularly appreciate the lack of greasiness, making it a worry-free snack for multitaskers who like to munch without turning their workspace into a greasy mess. The generous portion for the price makes it an ideal midday snack or a perfect accompaniment to one of Starbucks's lunch sandwiches. For $1.50, it offers great value and a subtly buttered snack that's hard to beat. Although we certainly miss the chickpea puffs that Starbucks once had, this bagged popcorn is quite delicious, too.

5. Perfectly Salted Chips

We're big fans of kettle chips, and discovering them at Starbucks is an added bonus. These salted potato chips are reasonably priced at $1.75. They're slightly more thickly cut, with a rustic crunch and appearance that just feels like a quality chip. They might not rise to the pinnacle of snack favorites for everyone, but these hit the mark for those looking for a solid kettle chip. In our snack rankings, they edge out the butter popcorn, primarily because they sidestep that all-too-familiar bagged popcorn aftertaste, offering a cleaner, more satisfying crunch.

Like the popcorn, these kettle chips are the perfect sidekick to a Starbucks lunch sandwich. Whether you're opting for something from the warm-able lineup or grabbing a quick choice from the counter, these chips add that extra bit of texture and flavor that completes a meal. Finding one that complements both the drink in your cup and the sandwich on your plate without overpowering either is ideal in the realm of quick coffee shop snacks or lunch accompaniments. These perfectly salted chips manage to do just that, offering a balance between snack and sustenance.

4. Madeleines

If you're looking for a subtly sweet accompaniment to your coffee, the Madeleines, priced at $2.45 for three in a package, are a must-try. While we often think of these as cookies, Starbucks categorizes them as cakes — a distinction that becomes clear upon tasting and representative of the most perfect of madeleines. Their texture is more akin to a cake than a cookie, thanks to their remarkable fluffiness and moisture. These treats boast a delicate butter flavor that enhances rather than competes with any Starbucks beverage, making them the perfect complement to your drink of choice.

Moreover, these Madeleines are notably resilient, especially when dunked into hot coffee, maintaining their integrity without a hint of crumbliness. Despite their airy and fluffy texture, they hold together remarkably well, ensuring a mess-free snacking experience. This unique combination of lightness and sturdiness makes them ideal for on-the-go treat, providing a delightfully sweet snack that's easy to enjoy anywhere.

3. Salted Almond Chocolate Bites

For those who usually find the robust crunch of almonds slightly daunting, the Salted Almond Chocolate Bites, priced at $2.75, offer a tasty surprise. The challenge of navigating the intense crunch that typically characterizes almonds can detract from enjoying a quick salty and sweet treat. However, these chocolate-covered almonds strike a harmonious balance that makes snacking both effortless and satisfying. Coated in a blend of milk and dark chocolate, these bites achieve a sweetness level that's far from overwhelming, avoiding any hint of bitterness.

Despite the substantial size of the almonds, they maintain a tender texture which, coupled with the rich, nuanced chocolate coating, makes the Salted Almond Chocolate Bites not just a snack but a nigh-on gourmet experience. The slight saltiness enhances the chocolate's flavor profile, creating a snack that happily doesn't have the hard crunch typically associated with eating raw almonds, making these bites a perfect not-too-sweet treat.

2. Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

Embarking on our exploration of Starbucks' sweets and snacks, the Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, priced at $2.75, held a special place in our hearts. Having previously enjoyed them — as a former Starbucks barista enjoying these as a mid-day boost, and similarly appreciated by our colleagues — they seemed poised to top our favorites list. Despite our fondness, they were surprisingly nudged from the top spot, yet they remain a standout choice and one we highly recommend. These beans encapsulate the quintessential coffee snack, melding the robustness of coffee with the rich allure of dark chocolate.

For those who enjoy dark chocolate, these espresso beans offer a delectable mixing of flavors that's hard to resist. The combination of chocolate and coffee flavors offers a balance that appeals to almost everyone. While they may not have secured the ultimate favorite position in our snack lineup, their unique combination of flavors ensures they're a must-try.

1. Vanilla Biscotti with Almonds

In our quest through the packaged snacks and sweets at Starbucks, the Vanilla Biscotti with Almonds, modestly priced at $1.95, was a delightful surprise, capturing the coveted spot of our favorite. The biscotti's texture was precisely what we had hoped for — crisp yet yielding, embodying the ideal biscotti experience that is best enjoyed alongside coffee. While we didn't have the chance to dip it into a cup of coffee during our tasting, it's clear that this biscotti is designed to complement your morning brew, enhancing each sip with its sweet, almond-infused crunch.

The almond smell is very vibrant here, clearly offering a sort of almond extract scent much stronger than just almonds being part of the recipe. The price is quite good, too, ultimately making this a pretty perfect treat to enjoy alongside your coffee or even on its own, if the textures of an undipped biscotti are appetizing enough for you.


To determine our overall ranking of Starbucks' snacks and sweets, we embarked on a detailed exploration, sampling all the options we had access to in the so-named section of the menu. Please note that prices and available items can vary by location, so your experience and options may vary. Our goal was to provide a guide that would resonate with a broad spectrum of Starbucks guests, taking into account various tastes and snacking occasions. We aimed to cover the full range of Starbucks' snack and sweets offerings, ensuring we included everything from protein-packed options to traditional sweet treats.

Our evaluation was centered on several key aspects: The flavor profile of each item, its texture, how well it complemented Starbucks beverages, its convenience as an on-the-go snack, and its price-to-value ratio. Flavor was a primary focus, as it significantly influences the overall enjoyment of a snack. We also paid close attention to texture, recognizing its role in the snacking experience. Considering Starbucks's identity as a premier coffee destination, we assessed how each snack might enhance or accompany a coffee or beverage from its menu. Practicality was another consideration, including how easy each snack was to consume on the move, and we also factored in the cost, considering whether the quality and satisfaction provided justified the price. Drawing on our background previously working at Starbucks, we incorporated personal experiences and observations of which snacks were favorites among staff and customers.