Avocado Makes For A Creamier Green Goddess Sauce

A typical green goddess sauce or dressing is full of herbs, which give the dressing its aesthetically pleasing bright green color, as well as oil and mayo or Greek yogurt, and a few other ingredients. These recipes are certainly delicious, but our recipe for a green goddess sandwich (which features the green goddess sauce) uses an unexpected ingredient to take the sauce to the next level: avocado.

The avocado gives the green goddess sauce a super creamy and thick texture that makes it even more irresistibly delicious. Plus, the avocado provides a plethora of nutrients — vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants — that the sauce wouldn't have contained otherwise. And since the avocado provides all of the creaminess, there's no need for the mayonnaise or yogurt.

Plus, integrating the avocado into the sauce is super simple. All you do is blend it with the other sauce ingredients — which, for our recipe, includes cilantro, basil, parsley, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper — in the food processor until it's smooth.

What to pair with your creamy, avocado-based green goddess sauce

Once you try the creamy, avocado-based green goddess sauce, you'll want to put it on everything — and, luckily, it pairs well with a number of different dishes. To start with, it makes for the perfect condiment to a sandwich, just like in our recipe. But you don't have to stick to that specific sandwich recipe — it will also work well on a turkey club, a BLT, or just about any sandwich of your choosing.

Similarly, the green goddess sauce can upgrade almost any salad. You could try it on a straightforward green salad, a watermelon and feta wedge salad, a Cobb salad, or even use it for a different spin on a Caesar salad.

You can also use the creamy green goddess sauce as a dipping sauce for appetizers, such as veggie skewers, meatballs, or even fries. Additionally, it works well as a supplement to a main course, such as drizzled over pan-fried chicken thighs or a grilled tomahawk rib-eye steak.