Leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip Is The Genius Way To Elevate Grilled Cheese

If you have creamy buffalo chicken dip left over after an event, you may be hard-pressed for ways to use it before it goes bad. Either what's left is too small to repurpose for another event or you're out of chips to scoop it up with. In that case, bread is the next best carb for the dip. Pile buffalo chicken dip in between two slices of it to elevate your grilled cheese.

Grilled cheese is already a perfectly cozy meal, made somehow more delicious with the presence of tangy buffalo sauce and juicy chicken. The creamy, spicy dip isn't a stranger to other sandwiches — it's found in wraps, subs, or in between two buns. Yet, using it to enhance grilled cheese sandwiches is highly underutilized. The toasted, savory taste of grilled cheese was meant to be eaten with buffalo chicken dip, and it's very easy to make it happen.

Spread a small amount of the dip onto a thick slice of bread — Texas toast or sourdough are always good choices. On the other piece of bread, add some cheese and press the two together firmly. Heat some butter or oil in a pan and cook the sandwich over low heat to prevent the bread from toasting before the dip and cheese have a chance to melt into one another.

Try these other methods to make buffalo chicken grilled cheese

Making grilled cheese in the pan will forever be a tried and true method, but if you prefer yours crispier, turn to the oven. Broiling your grilled cheese delivers faster, crunchier results. The method is great for making a larger batch of grilled cheese when you don't want to crowd the pan or simply want your grilled cheese to have more of a toasted texture. With this technique, you can also sprinkle on an extra layer of cheese on top for good measure. Use a cheese with a high melting point, like blue cheese or mozzarella.

Air frying your grilled cheese can also make it crunchier. After assembling the sandwiches, place it in the air fryer at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for around four minutes. Flip the sandwich and add a slice of cheese and cook for four minutes. Despite the quick and easy nature of the air fryer, you can easily make a gourmet buffalo chicken grilled cheese in a matter of minutes.

You can also finely chop up onions and mushrooms and caramelize them before tossing them into the buffalo chicken dip. It can also be spruced up with some gruyere and a drizzle of hot honey. Serve your grilled cheese with a cozy side of roasted tomato soup or cheesy roasted garlic soup with sourdough crumble.