How To Order Starbucks Indonesia's Iced Espresso And Matcha Fusion In The US

Many of Starbucks' menu items are regional specialties, and sadly this is the case with the layered iced espresso and matcha fusion drink. Though mixing matcha and espresso was never on our bingo card, this 2016 creation from Indonesia's Starbucks has us rethinking our caffeinated beverage-making inclinations. Since we can't all hop on a flight to try this colorful drink in person, we figured out the cheat code to either order this drink at our favorite coffee shops or pour this peppy beverage for ourselves in the comfort of our kitchens. No travel bookings are required.

If you're attempting to order this drink from your local barista, be mindful that it is an off-menu request, but that doesn't mean it isn't doable. Ask your barista to whip up matcha to pour into the bottom of your cup, add your choice of milk or milk substitute, and top off your drink with a shot or two of roasted espresso. The drink can be ordered as a hot beverage or an iced treat and can be sweetened with sugar syrup or a topping of whipped cream.

Start the day with some pep

If you can't be bothered asking for so many demands or simply don't want to trouble a barista during the early morning rush hours, you can put this drink together yourself. To replicate the iced espresso and matcha fusion recipe, start by whisking matcha powder with hot water to fill the bottom quarter of your mug. Top your drink with ice and milk before finishing the recipe off with as many shots of espresso as you need. For a hotter version, leave out the ice and steam your milk.

Though you may not be enjoying your espresso matcha mashup in a faraway place, making this drink for yourself means you can customize it to your liking. From choices of milk or milk alternatives to the strength of the espresso used in your recipe, the taste of this aesthetically pleasing drink will be solely in your hands, and you'll have the boost of energy you need to jumpstart your day — plus an attractive looking beverage that can easily go on the 'Gram.