The Party-Friendly Quesadilla Ring That Will Impress All Your Guests

If you've already impressed your friends with a burrito dish made in a bundt pan, get ready to wow your next party guests with a pretty display of quesadillas. Though the cheesy dish is typically served on a plate, rolling individual pieces to stack into a puffed-up ring makes for a Gram-worthy presentation that tastes as good as it looks. Plus, this is the kind of recipe that can be put together before the first guest arrives and heated just before it is time to serve, making it the perfect hostessing hack.

Whether you prefer your quesadillas packed with shredded chicken or made with roasted corn and squash for a vegetarian crowd-pleaser, assembling rolled-up tortillas in a ring formation is sure to please any hungry squad. Once baked, the center of the rolled band of quesadillas can be filled with your choice of guacamole or salsa, making this a help-yourself kind of dish that is perfect for parties. 

Facilitating unabashed second servings

With a culinary display this pretty, no guest will feel shy about returning for additional helpings of your delicious creation. Provide separate quesadilla rings for the meat lovers and vegetarian friends at your party, and consider placing additional hot sauces, dishes of a variety of salsas, and other accouterments off to the side so that party-goers can dress up their platings of quesadillas as they wish. 

If you find yourself struggling to keep pieces in place while rolling and stacking the quesadilla ring, use toothpicks to keep individual tortillas stationary as you build the circular mound of cheesy snacks. Sprinkle cheese in between layers of stacked quesadillas if you are worried about your carefully made structure falling apart in the oven. With practice, your rolling and stacking technique will improve, and you'll be able to put this drool-worthy dish together in under an hour, leaving you with more time to pour drinks and mingle with friends.